Balticon 11

(Don - 6th)

1977: April 8-10

Hunt Valley Inn, Timonium, MD

GOH: Philip Jose Farmer
Fan GOH: Meade Frierson III
Art GOH: Rick Sternbach

Balticon 11 was the first Balticon to have a Golden-Age Radio listening room. It also marked the launching of Baltimore's first Worldcon bid: Baltimore in 1980.

Balticons in the Hunt Valley Inn all run together in Don's memory, especially during this period when he was commuting from home (a 45-minute trip; try making it at 3 in the morning....) However, he does recall Philip Jose Farmer's GOH speech, which was his first exposure to Farmer's great "family tree" which united all the pulp characters of sf, fantasy and adventure fiction.

At this Balticon was also "`The Star Wars' -- discussion by JOHN ELLIS of the major forthcoming motion picture `The Star Wars', including slides and a film clip." Oddly enough, Don has no memory of this presentation -- although, thanks to a presentation at MidAmeriCon, he was certainly eager enough to see Star Wars when it came out later that year....

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