Darkover Grand Council 18

(Don - 100th)(Thomas - 100th)

1995: November 24-26

Holiday Inn, Timonium, MD

GOH: Julia Ecklar
Artist GOH: Susan Van Camp


Thomas and Don think it very fitting that their 100th con should have been a Darkover Grand Council: year after year, still their favorite con.

Don was busy, with six panels altogether. The first was "The Role of Language in Writing" (with Lisa Barnett, Katherine Kurtz, and Melissa Scott, moderated by Carl Cipra). Next came "Taking a Strange Story Concept and Running With It," featuring Lisa, Julia Ecklar, Melissa, and Don as moderator -- as you can imagine, Carmen Miranda's Ghost came up early and often.

On Saturday morning at 10 am, Don and Lisa regaled the early risers with "What Editors are Looking For." Then Don moderated "Hard and Soft Science in Fantasy and Science Fiction," with Julia, Katherine Kurtz, and Melissa. At 4 pm, Carl moderated "How Animals Are Used in Fantasy and Science Fiction" with Don, Lisa, Melissa, and Julia.

Finally, on Sunday Carl moderated "Future Communication: Or, What is E-mail Doing to Writers' Lives?" with Don, Julia, and Melissa.

Thomas was also on a panel moderated by Rob Himmelsbach. "Historic and Fantasy Costuming: How Are They Alike and How Are They Different?" featured Thomas, Carol Kocian, Bambi Smith-Beattie, and Melissa. and seemed to be a lot of fun.

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