LoneStarCon 2 (55th Worldcon)

(Don - 109th)[Don - 19th Worldcon]

(Thomas - 113th)[Thomas - 12th Worldcon]

1997: August 28 - September 1

Marriott Riverwalk Hotel
Marriott Rivercenter Hotel
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

San Antonio, TX

GOH: Algis Budrys & Michael Moorcock
Art GOH: Don Maitz
Fan GOH: Roy Tackett

Toastmaster: Neal Barrett, Jr.

Attendance: 4,650

These two ladies were inspired by Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station Three. They made these excellent hall costumes and wore them to the masquerade at the LoneStarCon. They were delighted to see Don, and the feeling was definitely mutual.  

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