Who's NOT in the Legion of Super-Heroes



Don Sakers of Meerkat Meade

Occupation: SF Writer, Librarian

Height: 106 cm Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel

Group Affiliation: Legion Reserve

When he was eight years old, Don Sakers happened across a tattered copy of Adventure #343. When he opened the comic, he was bathed in strange radiations that gave him powers beyond the ken of mere mortals.
Don trained alone, learning to harness his awesome abilities, until one day he happened onto the GEnie Legion of Super-Heroes topics. Here, he realized, he could be of service to his fellow fans. He made the acquantance of such legendary heroes as Burnout, Power Pam,Godiva, D'Avery, and many others. He took the code name "Get-A-Life Boy" in recognition of his devotion to duty.
Soon, Get-A-Life Boy was appearing at Boskone Legion panels with Burnout, Power Pam, Godiva, Ubiquitous Boy, Miss Mercy, and Super-Ken. His life has never been the same since.


Get-A-Life Boy has the power to fritter away untold amounts of time and energy in his devotion to the Legion of Super-Heroes. His super-cataloging power allows him to compile highly detailed lists of the most obscure LSH trivia. (When he is Cataloging, Get-A-Life Boy seems completely invulnerable to boredom.) He can recite details of the Legion's membership, history, and many alternative versions in a way that makes most normal sapients flee the area at the highest possible velocity. Get-A-Life Boy has been known to accurately identify minor characters who only appeared in a single panel of a twenty-year-old Legion comic.
Get-A-Life Boy's acute senses allow him to find (and collect) any comic book that makes reference, however tangential, to the Legion.
Get-A-Life Boy passed out during Legion combat training.

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