The Levitz run of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES ended with issue #63, cover-dated Aug 1989 and carrying the Legion's story through the Magic Wars of June 2989. The "Giffbaum" run began with with issue #1, cover-dated May 1990, and rejoined the Legion a bit more than five years later, in October 2994.

Undoubtedly, there is another universe (perhaps destroyed by the Time Trapper, Glorith, or the lingering effects of the Crisis) in which the Levitz run continued through issue #125, cover-dated Oct 1994 and following the progression of events now known as The Five Year Gap.

Here is what those "lost" Levitz issues might have contained.

#64 (Sep 1989): "The Magic is Gone."

On their way back to Earth after the conclusion of the Magic Wars, the Legionnaires run into a Khund battle fleet, which they subdue with the aid of a blonde, super-powered woman named Laurel Gand. Laurel explains that she is a friend of Brainy's, and accompanies the Legionnaires to Earth. Several Legionnaires, among them Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy, wonder why she looks so familiar....


#65 (Oct 1989): "Honored Dead."

In a somber ceremony on Shanghalla, the Legion says farewell to two of its members: Magnetic Kid and Mon-El, both victims of the Magic Wars. Shadow Lass, overcome with grief, departs for Talok VIII; Cosmic Boy, meanwhile, is comforted by Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad. Back on a shattered Earth, Laurel Gand is unanimously voted into the Legion as "Andromeda."


#66 (Nov 1989): "In Highest Office."

In the midst of economic collapse and unprecedented social unrest, Earth's populace elects Tayla Wellington as President. President Wellington immediately demands that the Legion cease its relief efforts and put itself under the command of Science Police Earth. Jeckie, as Legion Leader, has some well-chosen words with Wellington, regarding a leader's duty to her people. In the background, we see what the Legionnaires don't: that Wellington is a pawn of Dominators.


#67 (Dec 1989): "Spotlight on Violet."

The situation on Earth worsens, and Shrinking Violet is torn between her responsibilities in the Legion and an appeal by the government of Imsk. A series of flashbacks shows how Violet has always reacted to things others do and want. With the help of Laurel Gand and Lightning Lass, she finally finds the courage to "do what Salu Digby wants, for once!"











ANNUAL #5 (1989): "Tiger Roses."

Cham, Saturn Girl, an Dream Girl investigate Laurel Gand, who claims to be a Daxamite born on Ricklef II. They can find no record of her birth or Khund-fighting career before 2988. When they question Brainiac 5, he insists that Laurel's story is true. Brainy becomes belligerent when Cham suggests that Laurel might be a clone (or some other duplicate) of Kara Zor-El which Brainy created.

Finally Imra, at Brainy's insistence, enters first Laurel's mind, then Brainy's to search for the truth. Laurel completely believes her own story, and has detailed memories of her life -- including memories of becoming a Legionnaire at the same time as Brainiac 5. In fact, Laurel seems to remember herself in the place of Supergirl.

Brainy's mind, however, is fragmented and Imra fears that he has been interfering with the timestream. Dream Girl privately suggests that Brainy has arranged a comfortable delusion that allows him to deal with Supergirl's death. If that delusion is revealed as untrue, it will unbalance his mind. Remembering the damage that Brainy did the last time his mind was unbalanced, the three investigators conclude that it is both prudent and kind to allow Brainy's delusion to stand unchallenged.

Against her better judgement, Imra gives all the Legionnaires a powerful telepathic-hypnotic suggestion to accept Laurel's story as true. In effect, history is rewritten, with Laurel Gand replacing Supergirl.

In a poignant epilogue, Saturn Girl alone removes Supergirl's memorial statue from the Legion HQ, bidding a silent farewell to a friend only she remembers.

----- 1990 -----

#68 (Jan 1990): "Uneasy Lies the Head."

Legion elections are suspended when a Dominion battle fleet is reported approaching Earth. Sensor Girl divides her weakened and demoralized team, leaving half the Legion home to care for the needy while the other half heads off to intercept the Dominion fleet and protect the planet. Tayla Wellington, though, claims that the Dominators are Earth's allies and forces Jeckie to allow the fleet to take up orbit.

The Legionnaires confirm Jeckie's second term as Leader with a unanimous vote of confidence.

#69 (Feb 1990): "Rescue Party."

A subsea earthquake hits the undersea city Pacifica, weakening the main dome and endangering millions. The Legion, despite Earthgov orders, responds to the disaster and successfully evacuates the city before the dome cracks and the ocean comes rushing in.

#70 (March 1990): "Oppressions."

Political tensions on Earth parallel tensions within the Legion. Earthgov begins to crack down on the populace, imposing curfews and curtailing free speech. While Jeckie is openly defiant, others (including Sun Boy, Blok, and Tellus) urge co-operation with the authorities. Sparks fly when Sun Boy -- leading a team trying to calm food riots -- disobeys Jeckie's orders.

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#71 (April 1990): "New Threats (The Daxam Agenda Part 1)."

The U.P. reports that the hitherto-peaceful planet Baaldur has suddenly attacked three of its neighboring worlds. Ambassador Relnic asks for Legion aid in discovering why. Chameleon Boy leads an Espionage Squad team of Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, and Invisible Kid to Baaldur to see what they can find. Meanwhile, the Legionnaires on Earth are kept busy dealing with on crisis after another. The story ends on a cliffhanger as the Espionage Squad members find themselves outmaneuvered and trapped by Baaldur's shadowy leader. Only Invisible Kid, injured, is able to escape and signal the Legion for help.

 Cover by Erick Quinones


#72 (May 1990): "Old Foes (The Daxam Agenda Part 2)."

Laurel Gand and Ultra Boy lead a Legion rescue team to Baaldur. At home, Jeckie copes with an outraged Tayla Wellington: the government of Baaldur has complained to Earth of a Legion "invasion" of their world. Outside the Presidential Palace, crowds boo the Legion.

The rescue team arrives, finds Jacques, and rescues Cham, Tinya, and Vi. Laurel, however, falls under the spell of Baaldur's Leader and abandons her Legion friends. Ultra Boy finds himself weakened and the Legionnaires must seek shelter with the Baaldurian resistance movement. The resistance folks send for their leader, Mr. Emory.

Meanwhile, Laurel learns the identity of Baaldur's Leader: Glorith, an obscure servant of the Time Trapper who was reduced to protoplasm long ago. Apparently the Trapper's demise, along with Glorith's native age-changing abilities, allowed her to rejuvenate herself and now she is out for power...and revenge on the Legion. During the Magic Wars, Glorith mastered a number of magical spells, including a spell of domination which she is calibrating for Daxamites.


#73 (June 1990) "Current Problems (The Daxam Agenda Part 3)."

Earthgov sends the Science Police to arrest Jeckie, who stands on her rights as Sovereign of Orando and refuses to come with them. Shvaughan Erin negotiates a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Glorith leaves Baaldur with Laurel in tow, and arrives on Daxam where she is welcomed as a visiting head of state. It quickly becomes evident that she has prepared an extensive network of sympathizers on Daxam, and she sets about exploiting their help to enslave the population.

On Baaldur, Ultra Boy is weakening quickly. From resistance agents, the Legionnaires learn of Glorith's plot to enslave the Daxamites. Cham theorizes that Glorith has magically drained his ultra-energy.

Mr. Emory arrives, and the Legionnaires are shocked to see that he is an old friend of theirs: Dev-Em.


#74 (July 1990) "Old Friends (The Daxam Agenda Part 4)."

Open war breaks out on Daxam as Glorith's slaves seek to convert the rest of the population. Laurel Gand, entranced, fights on Glorith's side. The Gand family resists her.

On Baaldur, Dev-Em explains that he has been on Baaldur in the guise of a Titanian businessman named David Emory, investigating Glorith's rise for the ICC. He tells the Legionnaires that Glorith's spells can enslave anyone of Daxamite genetic structure, even Kryptonians such as he did not dare move openly against her.

Cham sends out a priority-one distress call, which is answered by a Legion cruiser flown by Element Lad. The Legion decides to fly to Daxam and attempt to stop Glorith. Dev-Em agrees to accompany them, even though Daxam's red sun will render him powerless once they arrive.

Invisible Kid is suspicious -- with what the Legion learned of Superboy's origin and the Pocket Universe, how could Dev-Em have come from Krypton as he claims? He follows Dev-Em into an empty corner of the crusier's cargo hold, where he finds Dev-Em talking to an unseen listener, apparently about his "mission" to stop Glorith -- then before he can act, Invisible Kid is struck unconscious. When he awakens in the cruiser's sick bay, Dev-Em is gone.

The cruiser arrives on Daxam and the Legionnaires attack Glorith. Vi subdues Laurel by slipping inside her bloodstream and stopping the blood to her heart. The Legion finds Glorith engaged in the casting of a very complex spell. Triumph seems assured, then Glorith completes the spell and Daxam's sun turns temporarily yellow. Suddenly, the Legion faces hundreds of super-powered Daxamites.


#75 (Aug 1990): "Endings (The Daxam Agenda Part 5)."

Glorith holds the Legionnaires captive as she drains their super-energies, preparing the final spell that will give her complete control over the entire population of super-powered Daxamites. Before her spell is complete, though, there is a sudden roaring sound, and a boom tube emerges in Glorith's throne room. Out flies Dev-Em, super-powered and apparently immune to Glorith's magic. Daxam's sun becomes red again, the boom tube fades, and Dev-Em...noticeably at the ragged edge of sanity...fights Glorith. In the struggle, the Legionnaires free themselves and join the fight. As Glorith weakens, the Legionnaires find that their strength returns. Dev-Em reveals that he did indeed come from the Time Trapper's pocket universe. His theory is that he was intended to be an agent of the Trapper. With the Trapper's demise, though, Dev-Em found himself under the command of Darkseid.

Darkseid, who considers Daxam to be a monument to himself and his godhood, was angered at Glorith's attempt to repeat his feat of using the Daxamites as a private army, and "desecrating" the planet. So Darkseid enhanced Dev-Em's abilities and sent him to stop Glorith. Unfortunately, the strain has driven Dev-Em mad; he thinks of himself as a Daxamite and an agent of destruction.

Glorith beats Dev-Em down and stands ready to kill him. But in the fight, she has lost control of Laurel Gand, who attacks her and draws Glorith's blood.

Angered at the affront and her defeat, Glorith lets loose a blaze of power; when the smoke clears, Glorith is gone and every inhabitant of Daxam outside the room is dead. Dev-Em, driven mad, flies away into space.

The epilogue finds the Legionnaires on their way home to Earth. Invisible Kid tries to comfort Laurel, but Laurel insists that one way or another, Glorith must be made to pay.


#76 (Sep 1990): "The Untold Story of Kid Quantum."

Rond Vidar asks Jeckie to waive the rule against device-induced superpowers so he can join the Legion. Jeckie is torn; she knows that Earthgov does not allow Green Lanterns on Earth, and anything Earthgov is against, Jeckie is for. On the other hand, she knows that there are good reasons for the no-devices rule.

A visiting Cosmic Boy tells her (in flashbacks) the story of James Cullen of Xanthu, an early Legion applicant who used the name Kid Quantum. Despite the fact that his time-stasis power was generated by a device, he made an impressive tryout and had the then-Legionnaires ready to accept him.

Before he actually joined, though, the Legion was called into action on Mars, where a renegade Daxamite was attacking the Science Police Academy. When his belt malfunctioned, Kid Quantum died. In the wake of his death, the Legion adopted the current no-devices rule.

Jeckie thanks Coz for his pep talk, then calls Rond Vidar to tell him that she has decided that the rule cannot be waived, even for him.







#77 (Oct 1990) "Dissension in the Ranks."

During a particulaly bad winter for the population of Earth, Jeckie must deal with some increasingly-unhappy Legionnaires. Among them are Element Lad, whose relationship with Shvaughn is being strained by the Earthgov/Legion feud; Sun Boy, who continues to disobey; and Laurel, who wants the Legion to find Glorith and make her pay for the death of Daxam.

#78 (Nov 1990): "Spotlight on Element Lad."

Jan, the last survivor of Trom, comforts Laurel, the last survivor of Daxam. In the process, we learn more about Jan's life, his career, and his growing doubts about his place in the universe.

#79 (Dec 1990): "Return to Seeris."

Ultra Boy once again leads a team of Legionnaires to the weird dimension of the Seerons, who are dealing with a Dominator invasion of their own. The Legionnaires enjoy the chance to get out some of their frustrations by bashing Dominators. In the end, Seeris is saved once more.

ANNUAL #6 (1990): "Project: Vengeance"

Laurel, Brainy, Saturn Girl, Rond Vidar, and Sun Boy use Brainy's experimental teleporter to travel to Baaldur to attack Glorith. The climactic battle leaves Sun Boy and Saturn Girl injured, Laurel almost dead, and Brainy shattered -- but Rond manages to triumph by using his willpower (and his knowledge of time-travel) to send Glorith into a dimensional limbo from which she will have a hard time returning.

----- 1991 -----

#80 (Jan 1991): "Behind Closed Doors."

While Saturn Girl and Sun Boy lie comatose in the medi-center, Jeckie convenes a Legion discipline hearing to question Laurel, Brainy, and Rond. Brainy withdraws, saying nothing and presenting no defense. Laurel speaks eloquently, supported by Rond. Ultra Boy, impatient with Jeckie's handling of the meeting, announces angrily that Laurel and Brainy acted on their own because they didn't want to get the Legion into worse trouble with Earthgov.

Still, sentiment is bordering on hostile, until a surprise witness steps up: Luornu Durgo Taine, formerly Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel.

Luornu argues that Laurel, Brainy, and the others acted on their consciences. She talks about the Legion oath, and a Legionnare's duty to take action whenever injustice can be fought. She talks of her own part in the conspiracy to attack the Time Trapper, and of the agonizing months that came after. Yet she says that she was glad the make the sacrifice she did -- had to make it -- and would make it again, with or without the Legion's permission.

Luornu's testimony carries the day, and the Legionnaires vote not to impose any discipline upon Brainy and Laurel. However, Earthgov is not so understanding; when the meeting adjourns, Jeckie finds a squad of Science Police waiting to take Laurel, Brainy, Rond, Sun Boy, and Saturn Girl into custody and extradite them to Baaldur.

#81 (Feb 1991): "Flight & Rings."

Jeckie stands firm against Earthgov, citing the Legion's U.P. authority. Meanwhile, Rond, Brainy, and Laurel slip out from HQ and make their way to a hidden Legion safe-house at an undisclosed location somewhere in Metropolis.

Rond announces his intention to leave Earth; now that the threat of Glorith is removed, he needs to attend to business elsewhere in his sector. Brainy, disgusted with Earth and the Legion, asks to accompany Rond, if Rond will drop him off at Colu on the way. Brainy asks Laurel to come along with him, and is surprised when Laurel refuses. Laurel, in turn, is upset that Brainy doesn't see his responsibility to his friends in the Legion. The two part with harsh words.

Jeckie meets with Tayla Wellington in a meeting moderated by Ambassador Relnic -- who is of the opinion that he has much better things to do with his time. Under pressure from the U.P., Wellington agrees to refuse Baaldur's extradition request, leaving the accused Legionnaires free. However, Wellington gets some concessions from Jeckie in return: from now on, the Legion must clear all their non-Metropolis activities with Wellington's office.

At a call from Jeckie, Laurel returns to Legion HQ.

#82 (March 1991): "War Powers."

While the Legion is enmeshed in increasing red tape from Earthgov, there comes a message from the U.P. Military High Command: The Khunds are again on the move. The planet Pasnic is in imminent danger of takeover; King Jonn appeals for Legion help.

Laurel, after a long talk with the recovering Saturn Girl, decides to head for Pasnic and help fight the Khunds. Initially she wants to resign from the Legion, but Jeckie convinces her to take a leave of absence instead.

#83 (April 1991): "Fever (The Validus Legacy Part 1)."

Even as Saturn Girl recovers from her injuries, a mysterious sickness hits the planet Winath. Throughout the U.P., Winathians are shunned. The Legion steps in to protect a party of Winathian tourists from a paranoid mob in Metropolis. Doctor Gym'll comes to Legion HQ to use Brainiac 5's sophisticated medical equipment to study the tourists. Earthgov, predictably, demands that the Legion release the tourists.

#84 (May 1991): "Chills (The Validus Legacy Part 2)."

Saturn Girl returns to Winath to care for Lightning Lad, who has fallen ill of the new plague. Meanwhile, Lightning Lass goes to Colu to beg Brainy to leave the planet and help.

Doctor Gym'll, working with a U.P. team of epidemiologists, makes a surprise announcement: he has located the origin of the plague. It originated with Validus Ranzz, the son of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.

#84 (June 1991): "To Comfort the Sick (The Validus Legacy Part 3)."

On Winath, Lightning Lad hovers near death -- as do thousands of others. Enraged citizens surround the Ranzz plantation, demanding that the Ranzzes give up Validus.

On Colu, Brainiac 5 agrees to go to Winath and work on the problem of what is now being called "The Validus Plague." He is accompanied by Dream Girl, Shrinking Violet, and Blok (who says that he knows he can offer no scientific help, but at least he can give support to his friends.) Lightning Lass is ordered to stay as far away from Winath as she can, since she is susceptible to the plague.

Once they arrive, there seems little that the team can do except keep the plague victims comfortable and try to calm the rest of the planet. Brainy is unable to come up with any leads on a cure, or even an effective treatment.

On Earth, Wildfire and Dawnstar lead the defense of Legion HQ from Earthgov's militia, which wants the Winathian tourists. In the process, some medical equipment is damaged, leaving Doctor Gym'll pessimistic about the possibility of his finding a cure quickly.

#86 (July 1991): "Delirium (The Validus Legacy Part 4)."

At Blok's urging, the White Witch comes to Winath. There she, Dream Girl, and Saturn Girl link with Blok in a seance that allows Saturn Girl to establish a mystical linkage with Darkseid.

Imra reminds Darkseid that he gave Validus back to her. He reminds her that she owes him a great debt. Yes, he did lay the seeds that caused the Validus Plague; it is of no great concern to him whether Winath lives or dies.

Saturn Girl begs for mercy; spare her husband and children, she says, and she will give Darkseid whatever he wants. He laughs: the great Saturn Girl, reduced to a mere housewife on her knees? If Saturn Girl is what you want, she answers, then you may have her. She rips off her insignia and throws it on the ground at Darkseid's feet.

Then darkness takes her.

Meanwhile, Brainy has been working hard with Dream Girl, who acts as an intermediary between him and the White Witch (the two are not on speaking terms). He learns that some Winathians have resisted the Plague, and determines that these people are currently infected with the Locarno virus. Perhaps the Locarno virus helps defeat the Validus Plague. Then there is one person, Brainy says, who can help Winath . . . .

#87 (Aug 1991): "Quarantine (The Validus Legacy Part 5)."

Saturn Girl lays in a coma, the Earthgov militia has all but breached the walls of Legion HQ, and Lightning Lass is on her way home. The Brinay's "secret weapon" arrives in a Legion cruiser piloted by Invisible Kid: it is Drura Shept, aka Infectious Lass.

With the White Witch boosting her power, Infectious Lass spreads the Locarno virus through the population of Winath. Now, at least, those who do not yet have the Validus Plague will not catch it.

Doctor Gym'll, working against failing electricity and constant interruptions, produces a serum that helps to lessen the effects of the Validus Plague. It will not save everyone, but it will save some. He gives it to the Winathian tourists, who are flown back home by Timber Wolf.

Saturn Girl awakes from her coma and, ignoring the others, immediately transmits her resignation to the Legion. As soon as a stunned Jeckie receives the transmission, Lightning Lad opens his eyes and his fever breaks.

In the epilogue, Validus renamed Garridan, after his paternal taken to the secure hospital facility on the planet Quarantine, there to remain until a cure can be found for the Validus Plague.

#88 (Sept 1991): "New Faces."

Doctor Gym'll brings a medical student, Richard Kent Shakespeare, to Legion HQ to use Brainy's medical equipment. Shakespeare was exposed to an experimental virus during a lab accident, and appears to be wasting away visibly. Brainy, who is visiting Legion HQ after the Validus Plague, becomes interested in the case.

Meanwhile, Dawnstar sponsors former Legion trainee Nightwind for membership. Nightwind's powers come in handy almost at once, when she assists several Legionnaires in calming food riots in Metropolis.

Word reaches Cham that Brande Industries is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Marla has a long chat with Cham, and Cham announces that he is resigning from the Legion to deal with the crisis. He tells Jeckie that he is sure he can do more good for the U.P. by keeping Brande Industries in business than he can with he LSH.

#89 (Oct 1991): "Perchance to Dream."

Spotlight on Dream Girl. Nura, attracted to the med student Kent Shakespeare, tends him in the med-lab, lending her considerable scientific skills to Brainiac 5 and Doctor Gym'll as the wrestle with the mysterious virus.

Flashbacks, meanwhile, tell the story of Dream Girl's life and her loves: her relationship with Star Boy, Atmos' overpowering of her defenses, and now she wonders if there is a future for her and this helpless med student.

Shakespeare begins to recover, gaining extraordinary strength, endurance, and agility. When he is fully recovered, Dream Girl sponsors him for Legion membership as "Impulse." The issue ends with Dream Girl asking Impulse back to her room to celebrate...and Impulse gently but firmly saying no.

#90 (Nov 1991): "The Little Engine That Khund."

This offbeat issue deals with the U.P./Khund war, and focuses on Laurel Gand, Rond Vidar, Chuck and Luornu Taine, and a motley assortment of minor heroes who have joined the ranks of the U.P. Militia in trying to fight back Khund advance into U.P. space. Chuck and Luornu have dissolved the Legion Academy and have accepted King Jonn's appeal to start up the U.P. Military Academy to train elite U.P. forces.

The "Engine" of the title is a new, experimental model of stardrive that Laurel, Rond, Chuck, and Luornu must escort from the perimeter back to U.P. shipyards on Nullport.

#91 (Dec 1991): "Secession Crisis."

When the U.P. demands Earth's help with the Khund situation, Earthgov responds by officially seceding from the U.P. Legionnaires who are citizens of other planets are asked to depart Earth; Jeckie stands firm on a declaration that the Legion HQ complex is U.P. territory and that the Legionnaires have the status of Ambassadors to Earth; Ambassador Relnic, after an unsuccessful bid to relocate the Legion to Weber's World, has the U.P. confirm this status.

ANNUAL #7 (1991):

Two stories in this issue focus on the problems of sovereigns.

In the first, "Sense of Duty," Jeckie worries about the Legion's problems and about Earthgov's interference. In a dream, she talks with Val, expresses her concern that the Legion might be forced to leave Earth. Val begs her not to give up his native world. Then, upon awakening, her Sensor Girl powers tell her that Orando is, very slowly, moving back toward this continuum. Communicating with the Council of Regeants, she is told that the people miss their own space, and that they have asked to come back. The chief councillor expresses his wish that Jeckie will take back her throne. She signs off, without giving an answer, the goes back to a fitful sleep.

The second story, "Sovereign," joins Mysa on Tharn, the new Sorceror's World, as she is preparing for her wedding. In a series of flashbacks, we see what has happened on Tharn recently: the establishment of the new Sorceror's World, Mysa's efforts to help her old teachers. We see her working with the Khund wizard Harlack, growing more fond of him.

Then the Khunds invade Tharn, and the teachers have but one last hope: Mysa and Harlack join their magical abilities in a spell to call back Mordru. A young, charismatic, and apparently no-longer-evil Mordru appears, unites the world, and forces back the Khundish invaders. In the process, Harlack is mortally wounded; Mordru preserves his life with a spell that turns him into a psychic vampire. Shamed, Harlack takes the name "Vyrkos," which is the Khund word for vampire.

With the Khunds beaten back, peace reigns on the Sorceror's World. We return to the present, where Mysa arranges her veils and steps forth for her wedding to Mordru, the new Lord Emperor of the Sorceror's World. Although we do not see Mordru's thoughts, on his face we see a decidedly evil grin. . . .

----- 1992 -----

#92 (Jan 1992): "Poll Tax."

The election for Legion Leader is confounded by Tayla Wellington, who insists that the LSH cannot change Leaders without Earthgov's permission. Wellington also gives Jeckie grief over two new members, Atmos and Karate Kid II (Myg).

#93 (Feb 1992): "One By One."

Tensions within the Legion mount, causing fights to break out between Wildfire and Atmos, Dream Girl and Atmos, Lightning Lass and Timber Wolf, Element Lad and Shvaughn, and Jeckie and Sun Boy. Meanwhile, with Starfinger's backing, a two-bit criminal named Laevar Bolto begins to assemble a new Legion of Super-Villains. The first members are the Persuader, Dr. Regulus, and two newcomers: a magically-transformed bounty hunter called Grinn, and a red-haired, flame-throwing woman who calls herself Beauty Blaze. They succeed in their first case: breaking Lightning Lord and Spider Girl out of prison.

#94 (March 1992): "Obstacles in Every Path."

Bolto's LSV expands, enrolling three new villains: Echo, who can project devastating sonic waves; the Molecule Master, a mutant with the same powers as the late Chemical King; and Eve Aries of Titan, known as Saturn Queen.

When Starfinger demands tribute from the gambling palaces of Nix Olympica, Marsgov refuses his demands -- and he sends the LSV to demolish a few casinos. Soon, Mars is Starfinger's territory.

Next, Starfinger issues a demand that Earth pay him protection money. The Legion flies into action against the LSV, but Earthgov tells them to stay out -- Earthgov will rely on the protection of its Dominator allies.

Meanwhile, Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl announce their engagement to the Legion. Cosmic Boy announces his intention to marry Night Girl, and suggests a double ceremony.

#95 (April 1992) "Departures (Black Dawn Part One)."

The LSV attacks -- and destroys -- a Dominator ship in Earth orbit. Against Earthgov's orders, Jeckie sends the team into combat, but they are too late to stop the LSV.

SP's come and arrest Jeckie, bringing her before Tayla Wellington. Wellington dresses her down. Jeckie, furious, says that if Wellington is determined to lose Earth, then SHE will have no part of it. She returns to LSH HQ long enough to gather a few belongings and tell Timber Wolf that he is now acting Leader -- then departs for Orando.

Ultra Boy arrives home to find a note from Phantom Girl; she has gone to Bgtzl to see her parents, and will be back on the evening phase-shuttle. He goes to the port, waiting for her. Then, there is a great concussion, and the phase-shuttle is destroyed. All aboard are lost and presumed dead.

#96 (May 1992): "Echoes (Black Dawn Part Two)."

Phantom Girl's funeral on Shanghalla is interrupted when the LSV attacks the Legion. Timber Wolf tries to maintain order, but the fractious Legionnaires are in no mood to listen to orders, and the resident hotheads -- Atmos, Wildfire, and Sun Boy -- do more damage than good.

The only thing that saves the Legion is villain Echo, who turns his powers against the LSV and saves the day. He explains that he joined the LSV because Bolto told him they would be fighting Khunds; when he found out that Bolto lied, he decided to aid the Legion.

Both Atmos and Ultra Boy announce their resignations. Atmos flies away into space. Ultra Boy, shunning the comfort of his friends, boards a starship bound for Rimbor.

#97 (June 1992): "Protection Money (Black Dawn Part Three)."

Starfinger repeats his demand for protection money from Earth. The Legion, suffering from bad press and worse morale, seeks new members. Echo joins, as well as trainee Crystal Kid. In addition, a hero who calls himself Reflecto shows up. Reflecto is Stig Ah, a Rimborian with the power to defect any object or energy that threatens him. Growing up on Rimbor, he idolized Ultra Boy -- when he decided to become a superhero, he took the name and costume of the Reflecto identity that Ultra Boy once adopted. The Legion gratefully accepts Reflecto into their ranks.

Following a violent confrontation with the LSV on the Moon, Violet receives a draft notice from the government of Imsk; Imsk has declared war on the U.P. and she must enter the army. With a few tears, she resigns from the Legion and departs Earth.

#98 (July 1992): "Life Goes On (Black Dawn Part Four)."

Open warfare between the LSV, the Legion, the Dominators, and Earthgov breaks out in several locations around the planet. Old-time Legionnaires, however, manage to slip away from battle long enough to attend the wedding of Rokk Krinn and Lydda Jath at the Lightning Ring Plantation on Winath.

#99 (Aug 1992): "Death Goes On (Black Dawn Part Five)."

The LSV invades and takes command of Earthgov, forcing Tayla Wellington to her knees before Starfinger. Out of his mind with hatred, Starfinger is convinced that Earth owes him money, and he vows that he will have it back. Wellington refuses to sign an appropriation.

Then the Legion bursts in. The battle is long and difficult, but the Legionnaires act with a spirit of courage and camaraderie which has been missing lately. Beauty Blaze, Spider Girl, Grinn, and Lightning Lord are captured. Reflecto fights the Molecule Master, and when the smoke is cleared, both are dead. Starfinger, Bolto, Saturn Queen, the Persuader, and Dr. Regulus escape, vowing to return.

#100 (Sep 1992): "Black Dawn (Black Dawn Part Six)."

[NOTE: #100 is a special, double-size issue with a die-cut, hologram-enchanced cover of 24-karat gold, polybagged with a complete set of 250 Legion trading cards, a Legion sweatsuit, a toy Legion cruiser, a real working Flight Ring, and a medallion which allows the bearer entry to an LSH meeting. Somehow, the writers manage to work in guest appearances by everyone who has ever been in a Legion comic. In celebration of the Legion's start in Adventure Comics, issue #100 is cover-priced at twelve cents.]

Before the Legion is even over the shock of Reflecto's death, the morning dawns...dark and dismal. Astronomers find the reason quickly: the Sun is going out. In less than two days, it will have fizzled to a burnt-out cinder, and Earth will freeze.

Tayla Wellington, instead of being grateful to the Legion, forbids them to leave Earth. They have brought on this whole mess, she says, and they are all under arrest. Timber Wolf and Wildfire break the Legion out of Earthgov HQ, and the team is off to find out what's going on with the sun. Meanwhile, all around the world, Legionnaires and other heroes help the populace to deal with the sudden disaster.

The cause is soon enough discovered: Dr. Regulus is using a machine to disrupt the Sun's magneto-gravitic field, thus shutting down the fusion process that keeps the Sun shining. The Legion fights past the Persuader and Bolto, and confronts Dr. Regulus himself. In the resulting battle, the machine explodes. Timber Wolf is caught in the surge and must be taken to the hospital. Wildfire sacrifices himself, merging his own energies with the sun, which then stabilizes. Earth is saved.

#101 (Oct 1992): "Aftermath."

The Legion arrives back on Earth to find the SP's waiting for them. Earthgov has declared the Legion a subversive organization, and has placed them under SP control. Shvaughn has been replaced by a new Legion Liaison, SP Chief Circe, who will attend all meetings and approve all Legion operations. Circe bears a warrant for the arrest of Karate Kid (Myg) as a subversive.

Myg escapes, helped by his teammates. The shattered Legion meets, in secret, aboard an orbiting Legion cruiser, and elects Sun Boy as Leader de facto. Blok, Dawnstar, and Dream Girl tender their immediate resignations and leave Earth. Soon after, Crystal Kid leaves.

#102 (Nov 1992): "Ten Little Legionnaires."

When he responds to an emergency call, Impulse is attacked by a mob. They shout that he is a Khund sympathizer and a traitor to Earth. Upon return to Legion HQ, he sees a news broadcast which "reveals" some forged information that seems to confirm that he is a traitor.

The four remaining "long-timers" (Colossal Boy, Sun Boy, Element Lad, and Lightning Lass) meet to discuss the depths to which the Legion has fallen. Element Lad announces that Earth's society is sick and doomed, and says that he is going back to Trom to search for his true soul. The other three are disillusioned, although Colossal Boy attempts to raise their spirits by talking about the good they are doing. The meeting adjourns with nothing settled.

Impulse, on monitor duty, hears an intruder alarm and goes to investigate. He meets Shvaughn, who has snuck into HQ to see him. She tells him that the SP's will arrive tomorrow to take him into custody, and advises him to flee. After consulting with Lightning Lass and Sun Boy, he does so.

Morning comes, the SP's arrive, and Impulse is gone. They start tearing HQ apart, looking for him. Lightning Lass and Invisible Kid try to stop them, but are restrained. The SP's, unable to find Impulse, leave in disgust...but not before one of them says to Echo, "You're next, buddy."

Echo, afraid he will be apprehended, resigns and flees. Tellus visits Sun Boy and tells him that he, too, is leaving. Sun Boy is left alone in the mess that was HQ, brooding.

#103 (Dec 1992): "And Then There Were Six."

There are six Legionnaires left: Colossal Boy, Sun Boy, Lightning Lass, Invisible Kid, Polar Boy, and Nightwind. They respond to an emergency call but are repulsed by the SP's; they return to HQ to see anti-Legion graffiti and angry mobs.

Lightning Lass says that she can't stand it any more, and resigns on the spot.

Polar Boy attempts to give a pep talk, and Sun Boy walks out, leaving Polar Boy as acting Leader. Polar Boy offers the post to Colossal Boy, who declines. Nightwind, scared, says that this is it, they should disband the Legion; she's not interested in being arrested and put in jail.

Polar Boy, sensing that a mission is necessary, takes the other three on a mission to find some new members. They locate Fire Lad in a run-down tenement, and Polar Boy talks him into joining the Legion. Next, Polar Boy says, they will approach the other Subs and build up the Legion' strength.

ANNUAL #8 (1992): "Venado Bay."

Rokk, Kent, and Vi are caught up in the machinations of the Imsk-Braal war. The Venado Bay affair ends in tragedy as Rokk loses his powers and Vi is injured. Vi threatens to reveal Imsk's full part in the battle, and is sent to military prison.

----- 1993 -----

#104 (Jan 1993): "No Substitutions Allowed."

With the aid of Fire Lad, the Legion recruits former Subs to join. Although they have misigivings, and some are downright reluctant, in the end most decide to join.

Earthgov declares Legion HQ off limits, and Legion Liaison Circe is withdrawn along with all formal Earth support. The re-formed Leigon adopts the original Legion clubhouse, formerly Subs HQ and now a forgotten relic, as base of operations. There, a private rededication ceremony is held, and the following new members are inducted: Chlorophyll Kid, Infectious Lass, Porcupine Pete, Visi-Lad, Color Kid, and Stone Boy.

#105 (Feb 1993): "'Round and 'Round."

This offbeat issue follows three former Legionnaires -- Blok, Tellus, and Element Lad -- in their quests for spiritual satisfaction. Jan Arrah finds a tortured peace in becoming the defender of Trom. Blok visits Tharn, is disturbed by an increasingly-withdrawn Mysa, and then encounters Strata of L.E.G.I.O.N. on an airless planetoid, where he settles down for some serious contemplation.

Tellus, wandering through a United Planets which is growing more and more intolerant of aliens, returns briefly to Hykraius and falls under the influence of one of his former teachers. This teacher, an agent of the Dark Circle, recruits Tellus to the cause and Tellus becomes a Dark Circle agent himself.

#106 (March 1993): "Polarity."

This Spotlight on Polar Boy issue shows the new Legion divided and tense, as Earthgov increases the pressure and old tensions and resentments from the Subs years resurface. Polar Boy tells the story of his life to Invisible Kid, stressing his devotion to duty and his desire to be part of the Legion -- a desire that has often warped his personality. And now that he has achieved that goal, he finds that he is disenchanted and disappointed. Invisible Kid tells him not to be bitter, but to keep believing.

Meanwhile, Invisible Kid and Infectious Lass find themselves attracted to one another.

#107 (Apr 1993): "In That Dawn, In That Gloom (Sundown of a Dream Part 1)."

A new recruit named Storm Boy joins the Legion. Tensions with Earthgov get much worse, and the Legion finds itself under attack by various bounty hunters.

#108 (May 1993): "More Than Love Met Its Doom (Sundown of a Dream Part 2)."

Infectious Lass is hounded by Earthgov and pursued by disreputable-looking characters. When one of these injures her severely, no Earth hospital will treat her -- for fear of infection, they say. The Legion does its best, and when she is out of danger, she resigns. Invisible Kid is left, at the end of the story, alone and looking miserably after her as she departs.

Meanwhile, we see Storm Boy sneak out and report to the Domimators that he is succeeding in his mission to discredit and disillusion the Legion.

#109 (June 1993) "In That Dying Candle's Gleam (Sundown of a Dream Part 3)."

Chlorophyll Kid, Porcupine Pete, and Color Kid have an argument with Polar Boy about Legion support for Earth's resistance movement. The three feel that the resistance is in the right and the Legion must lend them support; Polar Boy is adamant that doing so would cause Earthgov to crack down and destroy the Legion. Fed up, the three boys resign and join the resistance.

Legion reject Calamity King joins, causing nothing but disaster...yet somehow, his powers seem to get in the way of Earthgov as much as the Legion.

Storm Boy reports to the Dominators that Chlor, Pete, and Color Kid have left, and is ordered to find out all he can about the resistance.

#110 (July 1993): "Came the Sundown... (Sundown of a Dream Part 4)."

Invisible Kid resigns to join the resistance, where he finds Drura waiting for him.

Colossal Boy sees Storm Boy sneaking out and follows him, learning that he is a spy. He reports to Polar Boy, saying that the Legion is doing more harm than good, that it's time to give up on Earth, that the only real good is being done by the United Planets.

Polar Boy, having had enough, calls a general meeting and asks for a vote of confidence. Colossal Boy makes a subsitute motion: that the Legion disband. In the end, Colossal Boy's motion carries by a vote of 7-1. Only Polar Boy voted against it.

Polar Boy, sadly, bangs the gavel and announces that the Legion of Super-Heroes is officially disbanded.

#111 (Aug 1993): "...of a Dream (Sundown of a Dream, Epilogue)."

The announcement of the Legion's dissolution reaches through the galaxy, and we see the response of the scattered former members, friends, and villains. The issue ends with the sad face of R.J. Brande, marked with a single tear.

#112 (Sep 1993): "Breath of Life."

In the format of the old ADVENTURE COMICS stories, this is the untold tale of the Legion's first encounter with Mordru, and of Mordru's subsequent defeat.



#113 (Oct 1993): "Nor Iron Bars a Cage."

The former members of the Legion who are still on Earth follow their various courses of action. Many of the Subs have joined the resistance and are successfully fighting Earthgov. Invisible Kid has taken command, and is forming them into an elite fighting corps.

Storm Boy, Dominator spy, is betrayed by his masters and sent to Auckland as a subject for Dominator genetic experiments.

Polar Boy, meanwhile, is hunted and arrested by Earthgov police, and is put in a jail cell as a traitor.

#114 (Nov 1993): "tREASONS."

The SUBS become more effective as a fighting force, while a destitute Sun Boy runs into Circe, who recruits him as a spokesman for Earthgov.

#115 (Dec 1993): "The Last Super-Pets Story."

This offbeat tale begins on Bismoll, where Tenzil Kem is awakened by a tapping at his window. He opens it to find an orange cat, marked by a white lightning bolt and wearing a cape, flying. The cat comes in an meows at him, and Tenzil frowns. "What's that, Streaky? Proty's in trouble? Where?"

Tenzil and the Super-Pets set off to a distant planet to rescue Proty II from Dominators who are trying to learn the genetic secrets of the Llorn technology that gave the Proteans their shape-shifting powers.

In the process of this mission, we learn that the Super-Pets are really five of the legendary Dream Beasts: creatures who can literally make dreams come true. They have the power to assume any shape and abilities that their owners desire. In the past, Dream Beasts have been unicorns, dragons, and other imaginary animals.

The Super-Pets, the last five remaining Dream Beasts, have not been active in the U.P. for many years, since the Legion stopped needing them. But when they found out that Proty was a prisoner and there was no Legion to rescue him, they came to get Tenzil.

The team manages to rescue Proty, then the Dream Beasts return Tenzil to Bismoll and wipe his memory of their encounter. Leaving Proty behind, they depart for another galaxy, where they hope they will be welcome.

ANNUAL #9 (1993): "Enter: Kono."

A young Sklarian girl, Brita An'an, was born with the power to shift mass between herself and other objects. Now a teenager, she is taken captive by a Khund captain who fancies her for a plaything. The rest of the people in her crew are killed.

Brita manages to escape and the Khund captain's vessel is destroyed. Other Khunds start chasing her, giving her the derisive name "Kono" (saying that she has as little punch as Kono juice.) She winds up on Rimbor, where Jo Nah and his furry companion come to her aid. Kono becomes one of Jo's friends, and adopts the furry beast she calls "Furball."

----- 1994 -----

#116 (Jan 1994): "Espionage."

Vi, in military prison, regales her fellow prisoners with a flashback to the very early days of the LSH, when Chameleon Boy founded the Espionage Squad.

#117 (Feb 1994): "Corporate Cultures."

Cham's difficulties as head of Brande Industries are contrasted with Imra & Garth's running of the Lightning Ring Plantation and Jo's dealings with Rimbor gangs as head of a Silverale smuggling operation. In all three cases, the principals reflect on how different it was with the Legion.

#118 (March 1994): "Ivy."

A new patient arrives on Quarantine: a young girl named Ivy, who has the power to talk to plants. She captures Kent Shakespeare's heart and befriends a lonely Garridan Ranzz. Meanwhile, on Earth, the Dominators tighten their hold over Earthgov.

#119 (April 1994): "Spotlight on Invisible Kid."

Jacques trains the Subs, weilding the team into an elite fighting force. In the process, we learn more of his background, his hopes, and his inner insecurities.

#120 (May 1994): "Police Stories."

Three interlocked narratives show us the progress of the Science Police careers of Gim Allon (Colossal Boy), Shvaughn Erin, and Gigi Cusimano as each, in their own way, fight against the growing tyranny of Earthgov. Meanwhile, Sun Boy lives the high life as a spokesperson for Earthgov.

#121 (June 1994): "Unreal City."

Earthgov uses Dominator-produced generators to phase the city Marzal back into the real world, then Science Police descend on the city and attack. Tyroc leads a valiant defense, but in the end everyone is killed. Only quick action by the Subs saves Tyroc from the same fate. He joins his lot with the Subs, vowing to see Earthgov toppled.

#122 (July 1994): "Universo Solvent."

The Subs are contacted by Universo, who is leading another resistance group and proposes that they join forces. Among Universo's cronies is Grinn (former member of the LSV), Bounty, and Sade. Although they are suspicious, the Subs are in no condition to refuse any help.

#123 (Aug 1994): "Cold Shoulder."

The Subs learn that Polar Boy is being held as a political prisoner and, against their better judgement, try to spring him. Brek, however, is a shattered man, and makes no effort to co-operate with them. In the end, the Subs are forced to withdraw and Polar Boy stays in prison.

#124 (Sep 1994): "Old Men."

An offbeat tale that joins R. J. Brande, Anton Relnic, and King Jonn at an accidental meeting on a space waystation. They share a meal of cold rations and bittersweet reflections on the state of the galaxy and the fate of the Legion. They talk about the mistakes they've made and the successes they've had. Then, as he boards a departing vessel, R. J. Brande waves and says, "If I had it all to do over again -- I wouldn't change one verdammt second."

#125 (Oct 1994): "Next Generations."

(NOTE: This is the HISTORIC LAST ISSUE and features a cover that depicts every Legionnaire.)

A story based on exchanges of letters between the former Legionnaires focuses on children: Ivy, Garridan, and their playmates on Quarantine; Graym and the pregant Imra on Winath; the birth of Lauren Gand; and Night Girl's announcement that she is pregnant on Braal. The story ends with Cham, who reads all the letters, nods, and reaches for the communicator. "Get me Marla," he says. Then, to no one in particular, he says, "It's time."

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