compiled by Don Sakers

Do you have what it takes to be a public librarian? Try out these reference questions.

Remember that you are not allowed to laugh at people, and you must cite a source for every answer you give.
(No, your Aunt Tillie doesn't count as a source.)

Every one of these questions was asked in person or by telephone at the Information Desk in my presence. In some cases, I have conflated two or more questions for dramatic effect. Some questions seemed to cry out for a response; in those cases, you'll see my respons in blue.

  1. Close but No Cigar
  2. Let Me Think About That One...
  3. Alphabetical Order and Other Library Mysteries
  4. Looking For a Shortcut...
  5. Practical Problems
  6. I Thought the Library Had Everything!
  7. What We Have Here...
  8. It' To Tell

SECTION ONE: Ckose but No Cigar

(Click for answers if you don't recognize the source the person is asking for.)

SECTION TWO: Let Me Think About That One

SECTION THREE: Alphabetical Order & Other Library Mysteries

SECTION FOUR: Looking for a Shortcut....

SECTION FIVE: Practical Problems

SECTION SIX: I Thought the Library Had Everything

SECTION SEVEN: What We Have Here....

SECTION EIGHT: It's ... er ... Hard to Tell ....

Does anyone else think that the Official ALA-sanctioned Library Symbol looks like someone sitting on the toilet reading a book?

(And they complain because no one takes Librarians seriously as Professionals.)

[I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Librarians will never be regarded as Professionals, like Doctors or Lawyers, until the Legislature passes laws making it illegal for anyone except licensed Librarians to dispense information.]


opinions expressed herein are personal, and do not reflect the official position of the Anne Arundel County Public Library, the American Library Association, the National Hockey League, or the governments of Brunei, Borneo, or Nether Monkton.