The Gergathan

The Gergathan is a great war-machine, constructed on Messilinia during the formation of the Pylistroph.

Composed of computer parts plus the living minds of those it has absorbed, the Gergathan is vastly intelligent, utterly implacable, and relentlessly ruthless. Its mission is the total eradication of life, everywhere in the multiverse.

The Gergathan is the monarch and incarnate god of the Gathered Worlds.

The primary servant of the Gargathan is Delger, a Talebba organism that could easily be considered a portion of the Gergathan itself.

The Gergathan's chief lieutenant is the Coruman Arivaan.

The Gergathan's weapons include the Gesen Vennetlira, a wand which destroys all life it touches.

In the Scattered Worlds, the Gergathan is also referred to as The Lord of Strife.

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