The Hlutr

(pronounced Hloo-ter)

Singular: Hlut (pronounced Hluht)

Homeworld: Paka Tel

Sessile plant intelligences, communicate by changing colors in leaves & skin, by sound, and by the Inner Voice. Light-sensitive, some varieties carnivorous, highly empathic. Ancestors of the Flets of Tyra Kiernath and all Scattered Worlds Hlutr.

The Schism of the Hlutr

The Hlutr communicate in three different ways:

The SONG OF THE HLUTR is the total concert of Hlutr communication in the Inner Voice.

The UNIVERSAL SONG is the Hlutr term for the entirety of the universe.

"Little One" or "Little Ones" is a Hlutr affectionate term for members of other races.

In Human biology, the Hlutr are of the species Arbofucatus amny.

Humans recognized the Hlutr as sapient in TE 361.

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