Hoister Family

Descendants of Marc Hoister and Penylle Norton Hoister, usually gifted with psi abilities and (until the Sixth Generation) cursed with a prolactin deficiency that required them to take daily doses of synthetic prolactin.


The Board of Trustees & Family Meetings

The Hoister Family Board of Trustees was organized in 2091 CE to oversee the fortunes of the Family and to co-ordinate training and care of children.

General meetings of the Family began that year, and were held yearly until 2101 CE, when they went on a four-year schedule. The 2113 meeting was postponed to 2114 to coincide with Penylle's centernary; likewise, there was a special 2139 CE meeting for Greatmother Penylle's 125th.)

Family meetings.

The Genetic Program, running from 2149 CE to 2470 CE, attempted to improve the Hoister Family through genetic means.

At the 2341 meeting, the Family government was turned over to the Sixth Generation en masse, and the Board of Trustees was dissolved.

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