2093-2109 CE Kevin Reed
2109-2172 CE Don Reed
2172-2189 CE Bill Reed
2189-2225 CE Nathan Reed
2225-2286 CE Mark David Reed
133-159 TE Alec Reed
159-196 TE Paula Reed
196-203 TE Loretta Reed
203-235 TE David Allan Reed
235-264 TE Karin Reed
264-297 TE Melissa Reed
297-304 TE Carl Reed
304-350 TE Steven Mark Reed
350-383 TE Kristen Reed
383-403 TE Franz Adelhardt
403-407 TE Brenton Adelhardt (disputed)
403- Heather Adelhardt

Although the provisions of the Hoister Family Genetic Program prohibited any of the Fifth Generation from having children in vivo, Roy Reed obtained dispensation to continue his family's succession to Teleskany. While Nathan Reed was a loyal Hoister, his brother Roy was loyal to the Reeds.

In 2508 CE, Karl Joseph Adelhardt (brother of Derek David Adelhardt, Eighth Duke of Neordan) married Kristen Reed, last surviving Reed, and their son Franz became Governor of Teleskany and progenitor of the Teleskan Adelhardts.


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