Gaylaxicon Sampler 2006

ISBN: 0-9716147-8-4
141 pages


A Celebration of Queer Speculative Fiction

In these pages you'll find writers from across the spectrum of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror. We have big names and small, much-published veterans and promising beginners, Lammy and Spectrum Award nominees and winners, past Gaylaxicon Guests of Honor, and fresh new names. Some of these writers attended Gaylaxicon 2006 in Toronoto; others were unable to make it to the con. Within these covers you can read science fiction, fantasy, even a bit of nonfiction; essays, short stories, and excerpts from longer works; drama, erotica, and comedy.

Originally prepared as a giveaway at Gaylaxicon 2006 in Tornoto, this volume is available at a nominal charge as a sampler of the fine work being done by GLBT writers in SF, fantasy, and horror.

Authors included:

  • R.R. Angell
  • Lisa A. Barnett & Melissa Scott
  • Steve Berman
  • Brian Frank
  • Rob Gates
  • Toby Johnson
  • Chris Jones
  • Brian Lieske
  • Susan R. Matthews
  • Antonio Ruffini
  • Don Sakers
  • Lawrence Schimel
  • Melissa Scott

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