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Specific Games:

Battletech series:

  1. The Sword and the Dagger more
  2. En Garde (Warrior #1) more
  3. Riposte (Warrior #2) more
  4. Coupe (Warrior #3) more
  5. Wolves on the Border more
  6. Heir to the Dragon more
  7. Lethal Heritage (Blood of Kerensky #1) more
  8. Blood Legacy (Blood of Kerensky #2) more
  9. Lost Destiny (Blood of Kerensky #3) more
  10. Natural Selection more
  11. Assumption of Risk more
  12. Bred for War more
  13. Malicious Intent more
  14. Way of the Clans (Legend of the Jade Phoenix #1) more
  15. Bloodname (Legend of the Jade Phoenix #2) more
  16. Falcon Guard (Legend of the Jade Phoenix #3) more
    (#1-3 published in one volume as The Legend of the Jade Phoenix Trilogy more)
  17. I Am Jade Falcon (Legend of the Jade Phoenix #4) more
  18. Exodus Road (Twilight of the Clans #1) more
  19. Grave Covenant (Twilight of the Clans #2) more
  20. The Hunters (Twilight of the Clans #3) more
  21. Freebirth (Twilight of the Clans #4) more
  22. Sword and Fire (Twilight of the Clans #5) more
  23. Shadows of War (Twilight of the Clans #6) more
  24. Prince of Havoc (Twilight of the Clans #7) more
  25. Falcon Rising (Twilight of the Clans #8) more
  26. Threads of Ambition (Capellan Solution #1) more
  27. The Killing Fields (Capellan Solution #2) more
  28. Illusions of Victory (Capellan Solution #3) more
  29. Ghost of Winter (MechWarrior #1) more
  30. Roar of Honor (MechWarrior #2) more
  31. By Blood Betrayed (MechWarrior #3) more
  32. Decision at Thunder Rift (Gray Death Legion #1) more
  33. Mercenary's Star (Gray Death Legion #2) more
  34. The Price of Glory (Gray Death Legion #3) more
  35. Blood of Heroes (Gray Death Legion #4) more
  36. Tactics of Duty (Gray Death Legion #5) more
  37. Operation Excalibur (Gray Death Legion #6) more
  38. Highlander Gambit (Northwind Highlanders #1) more
  39. Impetus of War (Northwind Highlanders #2) more
  40. Close Quarters (Camacho's Caballeros #1) more
  41. Hearts of Chaos (Camacho's Caballeros #2) more
  42. Black Dragon (Camacho's Caballeros #3) more
  43. Wolf Pack
  44. Main Event more
  45. Ideal War more
  46. Far Country more
  47. D.R.T. more
  48. Star Lord more
  49. Double-Blind more
  50. Binding Force more
  51. Dagger Point more
  52. Illusions of Victory more
  53. Measure of a Hero more
  54. Operation Excalibur more
  55. Threads of Ambition more
  56. Path of Glory more
  57. Flashpoint more
  58. Test of Vengeance more
  59. Patriots and Tyrants more


  1. Ghost of Winter more
  2. Roar of Honor more
  3. By Blood Betrayed more
  4. Initiation to War more
  5. The Dying Time more
  6. Imminent Crisis more

MechWarrior: Dark Age

  1. Ghost War more
  2. A Call to Arms more
  3. The Ruins of Power more
  4. A Silence in the Heavens (Proving Grounds Trilogy #1) more
  5. Truth and Shadows (Proving Grounds Trilogy #2) more
  6. Service for the Dead (Proving Grounds Trilogy #3) more
  7. By Temptations and By War more
  8. Fortress of Lies more
  9. Patriot's Stand more
  10. Flight of the Falcon more
  11. Blood of the Isle more New 9/04
  12. Hunters of the Deep more new 11/04
  13. The Scorpion Jar more new 2/05
  14. Daughter of the Dragon more new 8/05
  15. Heretic's Faith more new 12/05

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri series by Michael Ely

  1. Centauri Dawn more
  2. Dragon Sun more
  3. Twilight of the Mind more
  4. Power of the Mind Worms more

Crimson Skies

Halo Series:

  1. Nylund, Eric: The Fall of Reach more
  2. Dietz, William C.: The Flood more
  3. Nylund, Eric: First Strike more
  • The Halo Graphic Novel by various authors more new 11/06

    Judge Dredd

    1. Dredd vs. Death more
    2. Bad Moon Rising more
    3. Black Atlantic more
    4. Eclipse more new 12/04
    5. Kingdom of the Blind more new 2/05
    6. The Final Cut more new 5/05


    1. Blood Royal by Wil McDermott & Gordon Rennie more
    2. Survival Instinct by Andy Chambers more
    3. Salvation by C.S. Goto more
    4. Junktion by Matt Farrer more

    StarCraft series

    1. Liberty's Crusade by Jeff Grubb more
    2. Shadow of the Xel'Naga by Gabriel Mesta more
    3. Speed of Darkness by Tracy Hickman more

    Ultima, The Technocrat War series by Austen Andrews:

    1. Machinations more
    2. Masquerade more

    Vor: The Maelstrom series

    1. Into the Maelstrom by Loren L. Coleman more
    2. The Playback War by Lisa Smedman more
    3. Island of Power by Dean Wesley Smith more
    4. The Rescue by Don Ellis more
    5. Hell Heart by Robert E. Vardeman more
    6. Operation Sierra-75 by Thomas S. Gressman more

    Warhammer 40,000 series

    (note: Warhammer series is listed under
    Dungeons & Dragons & Dice)

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