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Media SF (Assorted)

Novelizations of movies/TV, or books that were made into movies or TV shows.

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Star Trek
Star Wars



  1. Destruction of Illusions by Keith R.A. DeCandido more
  2. The Broken Places by Ethlie Ann Vare more new 11/04
  3. Waystation by Steven E. McDonald more new 11/04
  4. Through the Looking Glass by Josepha Sherman more new 11/04

Babylon 5

Battlestar Galactica

Original Series:
  1. Resurrection by Richard Hatch & Stan Thomas more
  2. Rebellion by Richard Hatch & Alan Rodgers more new 11/04
New Series:
  1. Carver, Jeffrey A.: Battlestar Galactica: The Series more book on CD new 1/06
  2. Gardner, Criag Shaw: The Cylons' Secret more book on CD new 11/06

Blade Runner

Dark Angel

  1. Collins, Max Allan: Before the Dawn more
  2. Collins, Max Allan: Skin Game more
  3. Collins, Max Allan: After the Dark more

Day After Tomorrow

Doctor Who

New Adventures

Earth: The Final Conflict

  1. Saberhagen, Fred: The Arrival more
  2. White, James: The First Protector more
  3. Doyle, Debra & MacDonald, James: Requiem for Boone more
  4. Smith, Sherwood: Augur's Teacher more
  5. Durgin, Doranna: Heritage more


Galaxy Quest

Judge Dredd

  1. Dredd vs. Death more
  2. Bad Moon Rising more
  3. Black Atlantic more
  4. Eclipse more new 12/04
  5. Kingdom of the Blind more new 2/05
  6. The Final Cut more new 5/05

Lost new 7/06

  1. Endangered Species by Cathy Hapka more
  2. Secret Identity by Cathy Hapka more
  3. Signs of Life by Frank Thompson more

Planet of the Apes


Quantum Leap

  1. Quantum Leap more
  2. Too Close for Comfort more
  3. The Wall more
  4. Prelude more
  5. Knights of the Morningstar more
  6. Search & Rescue more
  7. Random Measures more
  8. Pulitzer more
  9. Odyssey more
  10. Independence more
  11. Angels Unaware more
  12. Obsessions more
  13. Loch Ness Leap more
  14. Heat Wave more
  15. Foreknowledge more
  16. Song and Dance more

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


  1. Strange Visitors by Roger Stern more
  2. Dragon by Alan Grant more
  3. Hauntings by Nancy Holder more
  4. Whodunnit by Dean Wesley Smith more
  5. Shadows by Diana S. Gallagher more
  6. Silence by Nancy Holder more
  7. Curse by Alan Grant more

Stargate (by Bill McCay)


Terminator 2

T2 series by S.M. Stirling:
  1. T2: Rising Storm more
  2. T2: Infiltrator more
  3. T2: The Future War more
Terminator 2 series by Russell Blackford:
  1. Dark Futures more
  2. An Evil Hour more
  3. Times of Trouble more

Terminator 3

Total Recall

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