IguanaCon (36th Worldcon)

(Don - 9th)[Don - 4th Worldcon]

1978: August 30 - September 4

Adams & Hyatt Regency Hotels, Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ

GOH: Harlan Ellison
Fan GOH: Bill Bowers
European GOH: Josef Nesvadba
Toastmaster: F.M. Busby

Attendance: 4700

Phoenix, Arizona, is bloody hot in the summer.

Don flew to Phoenix, took a taxi to the hotel, and stayed inside almost the entire con. It was over 1000° out there!

Don stayed in room 2110 of the Hyatt. It was the first time he had seen one of the "new" Hyatt hotels -- the towering lobby, the balconies looking so science-fictional -- and he fell in love with it.

On Friday night Don found a note stuck under his door: "Meet me tonight at Hugo's between 6:00 and 8:00!" (Hugo's was one of the bars in the hotel.) Well, he went down there -- to find a dozen or so fans who had done the same. A cheap trick by the hotel -- but Don managed to make a few temporary friendships, and since one of them was a woman in charge of gophers, he wound up being a security gopher for a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday. He watched the Art Show, verified badges of people entering, that sort of thing.

As far as programming goes, Don remembers only two events: The Saturday midnight premeire of Watership Down, and Robert Forward's talk on "Life on a Neutron Star."

The IguanaCon had a post office there in the hotel, so that they could cancel mail with a special Worldcon postmark.

Boston won the 1980 Worldcon; Don can't say he was sorry. He just didn't think Baltimore had the facilities. Since this was pre-Convention Center, I think he was right.

The "In Memoriam" page of the program book lists Raymond A. Palmer, Tom Reamy, Leigh Brackett and J. Francis McComas.

The Hyatt had one of those revolving restaurants on the roof; one fan had tacked a postcard view of the hotel to the bulletin board along with a note: "The Phoenix Hyatt Regency, with the New Childproof Cap."

Another bulletin board posting touched us all: "To the Staff and Members of IguanaCon, I want to thank you all, particularly Mr. Ellison, for providing me with an incredibly far-out birthday party. What a way to turn 21! (As of Aug. 31). /signed/ Anonymous (I don't want to be spanked 21 x 6000 times) neo-fan from Colorado."

Janice Gelb's Iguanacon Report