Technicon 16

(Don - 117th)(Thomas - 122nd)

1999: March 19-21

Red Lion Inn, Blacksburg, VA

GOH: Michael Sheard
Gaming GOHs: Andrew & Kristin Looney
Publisher GOHs: Warren Lapine & Angela Kessler
Radio GOH: Frank Ney
Musical Guests: White Plectrum
Fan GOH: The Vile One


Technicon is usually a pleasant, friendly con -- Technicon 16 was the friendliest and most pleasant in years. And all because of the GOH, Michael Sheard.

Sheard is a British actor who had bit parts in Star Wars, Dr. Who, the Indiana Jones movies, and many others. As he told Thoams and Don soon after they arrived on Friday, his philosophy of being GOH is "to be everywhere at all times, and to keep the fun going." He certainly did -- and the good feelings spread like ripples in a pond. (He was, however, puzzled at how dry the con was -- he was delighted when Don ordered a scredriver at the bar, because he thought he was the only one drinking.)

Hilarity hit a high point at the Masquerade Saturday night. The official judges were Michael Sheard, Thomas, Amira, and . . . Thomas & Don's hamster puppet (assisted by Don). The hamster puppet, true to the occasion, was in costume (as "The Hamster of Rassilon.")

Technicon's dances, as usual, were quite fun. The amateur film panel, which seemed to be the best-attended program item, was also a blast.

When the con was over, no one wanted to leave. It was only with difficulty that people tore themselves away from the post-con banquet at a local Cajun restaurant.


Ron Jarrell and helper at the dance.

Ron is tech wizard, Responsible Person, and all-around nice guy at Technicon. He is always there to help, no matter what needs doing.

Perhaps because he is so modest, Ron is also one of the most underrated people in fandom.


Michael Sheard, Thomas, and Amira.


The Hamster Puppet in costume for the Masquerade.

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