Boskone 18

(Don - 14th)

1981: February 13-15

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA

GOH: Tanith Lee
Art GOH: Don Maitz

Attendance: 1609

Don's decision to go to Boskone was influenced by three factors. (1) He'd had a tremendously wonderful time at Noreascon 2, (2) He'd been in correspondence with Lisa & Melissa, and wanted to see them again, and (3) He now had a steady job and could afford plane tickets.

In the wake of Noreascon II, this Boskone was apparently more laid-back than others. Don doesn't remember a single program item, even with the pocket program before him to jog his memory. He knows that he spent a lot of time with Lisa & Melissa -- they had ice cream, they ate munchies in Don's room, they toured Boston on Monday, that sort of thing.

The name of Boskone came from E.E. Smith's "Lensman" books -- "Boskone" was the name of the bad guys, a truly terrible planet of utter evil. Early fans, considering a name, realized how much "Boscon" sounded like "Boskone," and the rest was history.

One bit of overheard conversation sticks with Don: "It's like this," (beating time with her hands) "ba-da-DOOM, ba-da-DOOM, and each time you hit the downbeat, you switch into another dimension."

Boskone 18 had a costume party...the overall winner was Carol Salemi's Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun. The art show was filled with the work of amateurs (sic) Bob Eggleton and Ann Chancellor.

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