Boskone 19

(Don - 17th)

1982: February 12-14

Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA

GOH: Donald A. Wollheim
Art GOH: Michael Whelan

Attendance: 2270

Boskone moved to a new hotel, the Park Plaza, in 1982. Actually, history shows that some earlier Boskones were held in the same venue...but Don had associated Boskone with the Sheraton, and the change was difficult for him.

Don doesn't remember much of Boskone 19. He roomed with Lisa and Melissa, and on Saturday night they had the first Cedar Grove Movement Soiree and Sock Hop (except, of course, at that time it was known as the Somerville Movement). This was perhaps the most successful party of all; it included Bruce Barnett and Elisabeth Carey as well as the triumvirate, and it climaxed with the elevation of Melissa to the post of Emperor of Man.

They sent Don out to get the booze; he walked a dozen blocks through unfamiliar city and falling snow before he found a liquor store. The next day, of course, it turned out that there were plenty of liquor stores within a few blocks, if he'd only turned in the right direction....

There was a little trouble at Boskone 19 with the younger crowd, and security was not as tight as it had been the year before. These problems would intensify over the next few years, finally leading to real trouble for Boskone.

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