Brave New Con

(Don - 25th)

1984: January 13-15

Holiday Inn, Reston, VA

GOH: Frederick Pohl
Art GOH: Frank Kelly Freas

Brave New Con was another one-shot, sponsored by W.A.C.O. (the Washington Area Convention Organization). They were going to have a series of cons, each on a different theme -- Brave New Con was successful, but the group fell apart before they could mount their next offering, "Take My Con . . . Please."

Nevertheless, with over 450 people and great facilities, Brave New Con was a nice little relaxacon.

Mary Mand, Jim Grey and Don shared a room at the con, and amused themselves entirely too much. There were meetings of businessmen going on in the hotel at the same time as the con; at one point Mary and Jim had Don handcuffed and he was trying to elude them (don't ask!) -- he ran up to a group of businessmen and said, "Please, if you have a shred of common human decency, set me free!" Before the businessmen could recover from their paralysis, Mary and Jim arrived and carried Don away.

The convention theme -- utopias and dystopias -- led to a few uninspired panels; the parties and filksinging were a lot better. To this day, Don remembers Brave New Con as a fun convention. Pity they never managed to hold another . . . .