Boskone 21

(Don - 26th)

1984: February 17-19

Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA

GOH: Gene Wolfe
Art GOH: Vincent DiFate
Special Guest: David G. Hartwell

Attendance: 2718

Boskone 21 went rather well, all things considered.

NESFA continued to discourage "unwanted" groups from attending: they had very little media programming, discouraged costumes except at a "Meet the Pros" party Friday night (and even then, "we caution you to avoid bulky, awkward to maneuver or uncomfortable costumes.") Unfortunately, the groups NESFA was trying to discourage weren't the problem...local punk rockers and "townies," many of them not even members of the con, caused trouble with the hotel.

Once again the Cedar Grove Movement roomed together. Don was on a couple of program items . . . a reading on Saturday night and a Sunday-afternoon "Breaking into SF" panel.

After selling The Game Beyond to Baen, Melissa had gin-and-tonics with Jim Baen and managed to sell him the idea that would later become A Choice of Destinies.

There was a 24-hour-a-day video program on hotel TVs; Lisa and Melissa and Don had a marvelous room-service dinner while watching a tape of the Chicon IV Masquerade. They all agreed that it was definitely The Best Way to watch masquerades.

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