Darkover Grand Council 7

(Don - 31st)(Thomas - 15th)

1984: November 23-25

Radisson Hotel, Wilmington, DE

GOH: Barbara Mertz (aka Barbara Michaels, Elizabeth Peters)
Mythopoeic GOH: Barbara Hambly

How could this have been their first Darkover Grand Council? Thomas and Don could swear that they had been going to Darkover since birth or before . . . .

Darkover, while originally devoted to the works of Marion Zimmer Bradley, is one of the friendliest small cons (or, for that matter, large cons) on the East Coast. The Convention Chair, Jaelle, is a wonderful big-hearted woman who runs a smooth, low-key convention on Thanksgiving weekend.

Thomas and Don traveled separately to Wilmington, in the company of the same folks with whom they'd gone to Shore Leave. When Thomas arrived and checked into the room with his half of the group, he ran into a rather strange young woman whom we shall call L---. L---, giving Thomas the impression that she was a friend of Don's, said "Would it be okay if I stayed in your room?"

Thomas answered that she would have to get Don's permission.

When Don arrived later that night, L--- buttonholed him and asked for permission to stay in their room. She rather gave Don the impression that she was a friend of Thomas'. So Don told her she could stay. It wasn't until later that night, when the two compared notes, that Thomas and Don realized she was a stranger to them both.

All was happy, though, for L--- gave everyone in the room much cause for enjoyment. As she slept, she made the most amazing snorting, wheezing and gasping sounds that have ever emerged from a Human throat: at one point Mike Marshall said, "Do you think there's enough air for the rest of us?" and everyone collapsed in laughter.

Darkover involved singing (including poolside concerts by Clam Chowder and others), swimming, costumes, and enough gemutlicheit (good feelings) to bring peace to the Middle Eastern nation of your choice. Thomas and Don left Wilmington determined that they would return to Darkover next year, and every year after. (And as of this writing, fifteen years later, they have kept that promise.)

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