Darkover Grand Council 8

(Don - 37th)(Thomas - 22nd)

1985: 29 November - 1 December

Radisson Wilmington Hotel, Wilmington, DE

GOH: Diana Wynne Jones

The 1985 Worldcon was again in Australia, so Thomas and Don missed going to Worldcon for the first time since 1975, for Don, and since 1983 for Thomas. Between Unicon and Darkover was a long dry spell indeed.

After the triumph of Darkover 7, the boys were prepared to be disappointed. Fortunately, they weren't.

Don was on two panels at this year's Darkover: one on Historical Research and another on the Ethics of Magic. Thomas and Don also discovered the musical talents of Julia Ecklar.

Darkover is both friendly and intimate. During the con, Thomas and Don had a minor quarrel -- they quickly lost track of the number of truly concerned people who came up to one or the other of them to express good wishes and "to make sure everything is okay." In cold print, this sounds dreadful . . . in reality, it was comforting. People weren't trying to be nosy or intrusive -- rather, they were behaving like family.

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