Boskone 22

(Don - 33rd)

1985: 15-17 February

Marriott Copley Place

GOH: Damon Knight & Kate Wilhelm
Official Artist: Carl Lundgren
Special Guest: Shawna McCarthy

Attendance: 3420

This year the Boskone was a disaster.

Thomas, as was his usual custom, went to ClipperCon this February, while Don went to Boskone and stayed with Lisa and Melissa. The Cedar Grove Movement had nothing to complain about: Melissa and Don were both on a "Worldbuilding" panel on Sunday afternoon. By then, of course, they were all rather tired of the con.

The Copley Place Marriott was an upscale hotel in a very Yuppie section -- the hotel was none too happy with the fans, and made no secret of that fact. Add to this the overcrowding . . . Boskone 22's attendance topped 3,000 . . . and the potential for disaster was obvious. Nor could NESFA's precautions (a two-page weapons policy, for example) prevent what was coming.

No, there was no violence and no deaths. But the common fans were no match for the snootiness of the hotel. Lisa, Melissa and Don saw a couple of fans turned away from the hotel coffee shop because they were wearing costumes -- simple cape-type things. Melissa sorrowfully informed the restaurant guard that the Cedar Grovers, of course, could not eat there if they insisted on turning away fans . . . then they found a committee member and told them.

All told, it was a very tense convention...and when it was over, Boskone was rather forcibly invited not to return to the Marriott.

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