Rovacon 12

(Don - 50th)(Thomas - 38th)

1987: 9-11 October

Salem Convention Center, Salem, VA

GOH: Ben Bova
Media GOH: Bibi Besch
Star Trek GOH: Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Fan GOH: Lisa Cantrell

Rovacon 12 was held just one week after the premeire of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Thomas appeared in the masquerade wearing a costume from the show. You don't want to hear about the week before when he was getting it done . . . .

The most amazing bit of in-retrospect coincidence is that one of Rovacon's guests this year (for the last time, apparently) was a certain James Allen -- who, years later, was to become Don's agent. Don doesn't remember meeting him at the con.

Thomas and Don stayed, they are sure, in the Motel 8 in Salem . . . and they seem to remember making the acquaintance of a bunch of young fans from the area.

Hal Clement, as usual, was at this Rovacon.

We have no clue who "Thomas Parker" might have been.

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