Darkover Grand Council 10

(Don - 51)(Thomas - 39)

1987: 27-29 November

Radisson Hotel, Wilmington, DE

GOH: Diana Paxson

Special Guests:

Marion Zimmer Bradley
Katherine Kurtz

Musical Guests:

Clam Chowder
Heather Rose Jones
Leigh Anne Hussey
Julia Ecklar

Guest Artists:

Guy Frechette
Hannah Shapero


This was the last Darkover Grand Council in the Radisson Wilmington. Nothing wrong with the hotel, just that Jaelle was moving to DC and needed something nearer to home.

Don was on one panel, Sunday morning's "The Nuts and Bolts of Writing," which he moderated. The other panelists were MZB, Leigh Anne Hussey, and Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Don's notes reveal that he started off by introducing the other panelists and then introducing himself by saying "I'm Don Sakers, and I'm a boy."

Don remembers someone working hard at lighting a pipe; when he succeeded and clouds of smoke arose, Bob Esty shouted from across the room: "White smoke! We have a Pope!"

Our other great memory of this year's Darkover was the Great Sunday Afternoon Conversation. A bunch of fans (the group kept adding and losing members) sat in the hotel lounge for about six hours on Sunday and carried on a conversation that ranged across every imaginable subject . . . a latter-day Symposium that was one of the most rewarding examples of pure conversation in which we have ever participated. It was wonderful, and a perfect cap to a wonderful con.

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