Darkover Grand Council 11

(Don - 57th)(Thomas - 49th)

1988: November 25-27
Hunt Valley Inn
Cockeysville, MD

GOH: Esther Friesner

Special Guests:

Marion Zimmer Bradley
Katherine Kurtz

Artist GOH: N. Taylor Blanchard


Darkover moved to the Baltimore area and briefly lighted at the Hunt Valley Inn, venue of Trek cons and (frequently) Balticon. Frankly, the fit was not great; the Hunt Valley Inn was good for a con of 2,000+ and Darkover's few hundred rattled around a bit. (Rooms at the Hunt Valley Inn were the tremendous sum of $55.00 flat rate.)

Marion Zimmer Bradley was not able to attend this year's con, having suffered a transient ischemic attack on November 17.

Don led a discussion on "Science Fiction and Fantasy for Children." He was also moderator for "Does Humor Belong in SF/F?" (with Esther, Walter Breen, and Katherine Kurtz) and "Historical Settings or Created Worlds?" (with Leigh Anne Hussey, Katherine Kurtz, Diana Paxson, Nancy Springer, and Melissa Scott.

There was, of coruse, a Clam Chowder concert.

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