(Don - 66.5th)(Thomas - 64.5th)

1990: April 13-15

Super-8 Motel, Martinsburg, WV

Special Guests: The Pigeon Sisters

Pro GOH: Don Sakers

Costume GOH: Thomas Atkinson

Avon Lady GOH: Mary Mand

Media GOH/AV Geek: Jim Grey

Lush GOH: Renfield

Optical GOH: Doug Warden

Mystery GOH: "Bob"

(Thomas, Don, Mary Mand, and Jim Grey were tired of Balticon, and so they decided to "Declare A Con" of their own. Declare-A-Con was originally supposed to take place in the Super-8 Motel in Hagerstown, MD -- but in mid-March a gas line exploded and the Motel burned down. Refusing to take this as an omen, Mary and Don merely moved the con to the next closest Super-8 Motel.)

Quotes from the Declare-A-Con Program Book:

"Great Friv, Percy, it's a basketball!"


The Masquerade will be held Saturday evening.

Due to the small size of our membership, everyone will be expected to participate as contestants, judges, audience, and halftime entertainment. Emcee TBA.

Art Show & Auction

Members must bring original works of art to be hung one-half hour before the Art Show opens.

The Art Show will open 30 minutes after the last piece of art is hung.

All pieces, rather bid on or not, will go to auction. Attendance at the Art Show Auction is mandatory. Bidding is mandatory.

Payment can be arranged between the interested (or not) parties and need not be in any recognizable currency.

Good, let's start the bidding. How much am I bid for this lovely brass telescope?

The Percy Award

The first annual presentation of this traditional award for recognition in the area of achievement will be given at the Declare-A-Con Banquet. Someone should bring some food.

All members of the con are eligible for the Percy. Decisions will be made by the Declare-A-Con Awards Committee and Bake Sale, and are considered final unless you want them to change their minds.

Role-Playing Games

There will be a live role-playing game at Declare-A-Con.

Life is a live role-playing game. Particularly with the Pigeon Sisters.

Points will be awarded for anyone who can top the Pigeon Sisters in downright stilliness and frivolity. The couple with the most points at the end of the weekend is Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon. There, that takes all the suspense out of it, doesn't it?


  1. There will be a Bardic Circle. But it won't be at our con.
  2. Please filk.
  3. That's enough, please stop now.
  4. Anyone objecting to Clam Chowder will be subject to bodily injury and will have their nostrils stuck together with Crazy Glue.


There will be a pool at Declare-A-Con.

See a committee member to sign up. For one dollar, you can take a guess on the exact date and time when the next Super-8 Motel will explode. Winner will receive all the money in the pool.

Should no one guess the exact date and time (including nanoseconds), there will be no winner and instead the committee will keep all the money.

Video Program

We have arranged an excellent video program. Unfortunately, no one brought the VCR. Too bad.


The Daily Newsletter, I Do Declare, will be available in various locations throughout the con.

To save time and effort, the committee has produced the daily newsletter ahead of time. Deviations from the published course of events will not be accepted.

To contribute articles to the Daily Newsletter, set your secret decorder ring for "K" and travel back in time to Wednesday, April 11, 1990.


Declare-A-Con needs volunteers. Please sign up for one of these excellent committees:

There Can Be Only One