B. Variations in Characters

B.1. Minor variations in canonical characters

B.1.00. Legion of Super-Traitors

Universe: An un-named Earth-3 analog

Base: 20th Century Smallvile (sic)

Characteristics: This was an alternate world in which five Legion members visited Smallvile (sic) and tried to betray Superboy.

Departure Point: unknown.

Confirmed Members:

Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, Ultra Boy

Issues Featured:


B.1.10. Bizarro Legion

Universe: Earth-2

Base: 30th Century Earth

Characteristics: A Bizarro version of the Legion created by Bizarro Superboy.

Departure Point: ADVENTURE 329.

Confirmed Members:

Bizarro-Brainiac 5, Bizarro-Chameleon Boy, Bizarro-Cosmic Boy, Bizarro-Invisible Kid, Bizarro-Lightning Lad, Bizarro-Mon-El, Bizarro-Saturn Girl, Bizarro-Superboy, Bizarro-Ultra Boy

Issues Featured:


B.1.20. Legionnaires (SW6 Batch)

Universe: Arguably Earth-2 or an analog, the same universe as A.2.70.

Base: New Earth

Characteristics: Originally assumed to be clones of the LSH, the Legionnaires were ultimately revealed to be chronal dopplegangers created by the Time Trapper.

Departure Point: between ADVENTURE 351 & 352

Confirmed Members:

Issues Featured:










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