C. Humorous or Parody Variations

C.2. Appearing in non-DC Comics

C.2.00. Legion of Superfluous Heroes

Universe: Earth-Aardvark-Vanaheim

Base: 33rd Century Earth

Characteristics: The Legion of Superfluous Heroes was the largest super-hero group of all time, so large that it took years for a complete roll call.

Departure Point: Uncertain

Confirmed Members:
Ambiguous Boy Juvenile Kid Salacious Lass  
Ample-Lass Kinky Kid Sanctimonius Kid
Androgynous Person Klassy Dame Sappho Girl
Brain-Damaged Kid Knuckle-Head Smith Scrumptious Girl
Burned-Out Boy Lackadaisical Lad Sedated Boy
Colossal Bore Lady Laxative Seductive Damsel
Comix-Boy Lightweight Lad Skintight Kid
Crustacean Kid Lobotomized Lass Smelf
Dastardly Dame Luke Skywalker Sniveling Lad
Diptheria Kid Malnutrition Kid Sophomoric Kid
Do-Nut Boy Misnomer Maid Superficial Lass
Dumb Bunny Mucus Man Symbolic Kid
Entropy Empress Napalm Nate Tawdry Trollop
Euphemism Lad Nihilistic Kid Temerity Kid
Fan Boy Numbness Kid Titillating Girl
Flaccid Lad Oblique Kid Ulterior Kid
Flatulent Lass Obnoxious Boy Unavoidable Boy
Gangrene Girl Orbiculated Kid Uncouth Kid
Generic Lad Oxymora Miss Unscrupulous Lass
Generous Lass Pathetikid Uranus Girl
Glutinous Girl Pithecantropus Princess Vacuous Lad
Hackneyed Kid Pyromaniac Pete Vicarious Kid
Halfwit Lad Quadrilateral Queen Witless Lass
Hedonistic Girl Quaen Queen Wretched Woman
Iconoclastic Kid Quandary Kid X-Rated Girl
Ignoramous Lass Rambunctious Boy X-Ray Roy
Incoherent Kid Repugnant Kid Xenophobikid
Irrational Girl Ruthless Lass Yellingirl
Jiggle Queen Saccharine Kid
Jocular Lad Sacreligious Lad


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C.2.10. The Legion of Stupid-Heroes

Universe: Earth-Blackthorne

Base: ?

Characteristics: The Legion of Stupid-Heroes was a creation of Blackthorne Publishing.

Departure Point: Uncertain.

Confirmed Members:

Badtmann, Bloatman, Boobin, Camel-Lion Boy, Cap Namerica, Career Girl, Cromag-Man, Dawn Spark, Dreaming Girl, Magnethead Kid, Maniac 5, Nom-El, Phantasmic Girl, Plastic Surfer, Soopaman, Thunder Lass, Tinder Wolf, Water Boy

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