Imperial Navy

Starships and Starboats


The basic unit of the Imperial Navy is the Fleet, of which there are eight, one for each province. A Fleet is commanded by a Fleet Admiral from his/her Supercruiser.

There are 17 Wings, each with two Wing Bases. A Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral commands each Wing, subject to the Fleet.

Auxiliary to each Wing Base are 10 carriers and 25 troop carriers, 25 Task Force Bases, and all ancillary ships. Also, in each Wing there are the following independent ships: 100 scouts, 50 gunboats, 25 cruisers, 10 destroyers, and 10 troop carriers.

The Imperial Navy, then, consists of over 9800 ships: 8 Supercruisers, 17 Wing Bases, 425 Task Force Bases, 170 carriers, 442 Troop carriers, 782 destroyers, 1921 cruisers, 2210 gunboats, and 3825 scouts) with flight crews of 95,865 all together. Support crew, ancillary employees, etc. give the Navy somewhat in excess of 3 million members.

Of these, about 3,000 must be telepaths of reliable sensitivity. In an Empire in which one out of every billion people, on average, is a telepathic sensitive, it is a constant struggle to find enough telkepaths -- and until about TE 300, it was not possible.



(Classes O-T) Crew: 2 (Pilot/Astrogator, Copilot/Comm)


(Classes N-P) Crew: 5 (3 Gunners, Pilot/Astrogator, Captain/Copilot/Comm)


(Classes L-N) Crew: 10 (Captain, Pilot, Astrogator,/Comm, Medic, Telepath, 5 Gunners)
One lifeboat


(Calsses I-L) Crew: 20 (Captain, Pilot, Copilot, Astrogator, Comm, Medic, Telepath, Nurse, Science Officer, Engine Tech, 10 Gunners)
Two Class W lifeboats, one Scout

Troop Carrier

(Classes G-J) Crew: 50 (Captain, Pilot, Copilot, Astrogator, Comm, Medic, Telepath, Nurse, Engine Tech, Apprentice Engine Tech, 40 Marines)
Five Class V lifeboats, 2 Scouts


(Classes D-G) Crew: 15 (Captain, Pilot, Copilot, Comm, Astrogator, Medic, Nurse, Telepath, Science Officer, Engine Tech, 5 Gunners)
10 lifeboats
Carries: 2 Gunboats, 1 Cruiser, 1 Destroyer

Task Force Base

(Class C) Crew: 25
Carries: 3 Cruisers, 1 Destroyer, 2 Gunboats

Wing Base

(Class B) Crew: 150
20 lifeboats
Carries: 5 Scouts, 10 Gunboats, 3 Cruisers, 1 Destroyer, 1 Troop Carrier


(Class A) Crew: 200 (including Admiral)
Only 8 in Empire: Tem, Shu, Tefnut, Seb, Nephthys, Thoth, Isis, Set

Classes of Ships

Starship Class

Class A 10 km Class H 700 m Class O 18 m
Class B 8 km Class I 500 m Class P 16 m
Class C 5 km Class J 250 m Class Q 15 m
Class D 3 km Class K 150 m Class R 12 m
Class E 1.5 km Class L 100 m Class S 10 m
Class F 1000 m Class M 50 m Class T 8 m
Class G 800 m Class N 20 m

Starboat Class

Class U 8 m Class W 5 m Class Y 3 m
Class V 6 m Class X 4 m Class Z 2 m
NOTE: Class Z is remote-controlled personal speedster.


Grade Naval Rank INMF Rank
-- Supereme Admiral/Emperor Supreme General/Emperor
O-12 Fleet Admiral --
O-11 Admiral --
O-10 Vice Admiral General
O-9 Rear Admiral Lieutenant General
O-8 Commodore Major General
O-7 Captain Colonel
O-6 Commander Lieutenant Colonel
O-5 Lieutenant Commander Captain
O-4 Lieutenant JG Lieutenant
O-3 Ensign Second Lieutenant
O-2 Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer
O-1 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer
E-9 Chief Master Sergeant Sergeant Major
E-8 Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant
E-7 Technical Sergeant Master Sergeant
E-6 Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
E-5 Sergeant Sergeant
E-4 Corporal Corporal
E-3 Petty Officer Lance Corporal
E-2 Spacer First Class Private First Class
E-1 Spacer Private
The usual Imperial Navy ship with a crew of ten or more carries a number of crewmembers listed as "Entertainment & Personnel Services" (aka "EPS"). These enlisted personnel of both genders, usually Spacers or Privates, are well-trained to provide everything from amusing conversation to group sing-alongs to a roll in the hay. The high quality of EPS helps explain the high morale among Navy personnel.


NOTE: Imperial Navy Uniforms are jet black, Marine Uniforms are dark blue


The Imperial Navy training grounds are at Zvezdy Gorodok on Terra.

Prior to TE 92, the main Imperial Navy base (including primary shipyards) was on Luna's Farside; after TE 92, the base and shipyards were moved to Hafen.


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