Alex Leonov

Title(s): Emperor (TE 321-341)
Nickname(s): Alex Minor




Birthdate: 16 September TE 304
Date of Death:
30 August TE 341
Place of Death:
Alex Leonov (Alex Major) & Maria Adelhardt
Sibling(s): none
Children: Dana Leonov, Jef Leonov, Anna Leonov
Other Family: Wife: Betty Sanceau
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Biographical Outline:

When 17-year-old Alex Leonov took the Throne in TE 321, it was necessary for him to build up a power base virtually from nothing. His grandfather had been disliked as an Emperor, and now various factions sought to ignore Alex and take over the government on their own.

One of his steppingstones was his staunchest supporter, 17-year-old Betty Sanceau. By marrying her and elevating her instantly to the status of Imperial Consort, Alex secured the support of the Sanceau factions in the Imperial Council. Betty that year bore the Heir, Jef Leonov.

Another of Alex's ploys was aimed at Jean Carroll (b. TE 279), who as Carroll Family Rep to the Council commanded all the intricate web of generations-old Carroll alliances. Alex could not elevate Jean Carroll's status any more -- in Imperial hierarchy and in fact, she stood just below the Imperial Family itself. So Alex bought Carroll support with the only coin he had: he agreed to marry his firstborn daughter to Bob Carroll (b. Te 312), son of Jean Carroll and Dave Engelbach.

Jef, of course, was male; it was not until TE 326 that the bargain was closed, with the birth of Alex's daughter Anna.

About TE 333 things were going bad: the Patalanian Union was expanding and the Empire's economy was tightening under the war effort. Along with economic and political moves, Alex took very drastic measures to boost morale with both troops and the Civil Service. Jef refused to father a Carroll Heir, so Imperial biotechs did simple genetics and bred an in vitro daughter from 8-year-old Anna and 22-year-old Bob Carroll. This daughter, Laura Carroll, was born in 334 and hailed as Heir's Heir.

One question remained. Why a granddaughter, instead of a child for Jef? The Carroll alliance had to be preserved at all costs, and arranging for a Carroll to take the Throne cemented the alliance for good. The real reason, however, lies with the Emperor's disenchantment with Jef. And that story is tied up with the Hoister Family.

During the first few years of Alex's reign, the Imperial Council passed a number of laws restricting the Throne's powers and privileges. Most notable of these was the Sovereign Cyborganic Implants Act of 321, which prohibited members of the Royal Family from having bodily implants other than those necessary for the job (i.e. the implants that interfaced with the Memory Crown). This law was passed in reaction to Dirk Fodon's apparent desire to prolong his life with medical implants.

With the departure of the Paranormal Families in 335, and the subsequent diminishment of the Schmidt opposition, Alex's mood mellowed and he had a reconciliation of sorts with Jef. The two worked closely together for the remaining years of Alex's reign. The Imperial economy slid downhil, reaching a low point in TE 340; by this time Alex was in bad health, and Jef took on an increasing share of authority and responsibility. It was in 340 that the Masilek dynasty took over the Patalanian Union and began to pursue a more aggressive policy -- responsibility for response fell upon Jef, and Alex remained indifferent to the Empire's losses.

Alex died in August 341, and Jef succeeded him with only token resistance.


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Appears in (story, book, etc): Psichological Advantage

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