The Schmidt Foundation

Founded 2045 CE in Umoja by Erin Schmidt (2015-2093 CE) as a legacy of her father, a Nexus operative whose codename was JJJSchmidt ("for John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"). The Schmidt Foundation was an early investor in the Martian colonies and Dalanian Antigravitics; by 2100 CE it was one of the largest and richest corporations in Earthspace.

In 2071 CE, Erin's son Raymond Schmidt (2046-2108 CE) married Jannet Hoister, and so the Schmidt Foundation became allied with the Hoister Family. By 2153 CE, the Foundation was essentially the business arm of the Hoister Family.

Subsidiaries of the Schmidt Foundation included:

Board Chairs and Masayyid Schmidt (Imperial Council members)

Term Board Chair Term Masayyid
2045 - 2090 Erin Schmidt
2090 - 2108 Raymond Schmidt
2108 - 2148 Derek Schmidt
2148 - 2175 Galen Schmidt 2153 - 2242 Sayyid Galen Schmidt
2175 - 2207 David Schmidt 2242 - 2285 Sayyid Ophelia Schmidt
2207 - 2256 Manuel Schmidt 2285 - 2336 Sayyid Julius Gipe kwa Schmidt
2256 - 2300 Isador Schmidt 2336 - 2399 Sayyid Nelita Hoister kwa Schmidt
2300 - 2337 Jean Schmidt 2399 - 2482 Sayyid Xanthe Hoister kwa Schmidt
2337 - 2351 Celeste Gipe kwa Schmnidt 2483 - 2488 Sayyid Robin Hoister kwa Schmidt
2351- 2387 Samuel Hoister kwa Schmidt 2488 - 2500 Sayyid Leona Hoister kwa Schmidt
2387 - 2480 Kurt Hoister kwa Schmidt 2500 - Sayyid Balerat R'Tapitk kwa Schmidt
2480 - 2488 Rickard Hoister kwa Schmidt
2488 - 2500 Gregori Hoister kwa Schmidt
2500 - Jeratth R'Tapitk kwa Schmidt

Upon the extinction of the Idara Schmidt, Imperial Law & Custom demanded that a new representative be found. The Hoisters (themselves the legitimate heirs of the Idara Schmidt) proposed a most unusual settlement, which was adopted under Jef Leonov's reign: a family of Heloxans, the R'Tapitk tribe, was designated as the new Idara Schmidt.

After their discovery c. 2100, the Heloxans were moved to another world; at this time, they numbered about 3,000. The Hoisters oversaw their development, taught them, and meddled with their genes. By TE 200 the Heloxans were recognized as an intelligent race, and by TE 250 their world was granted Protectorate status. The R'Tapaitk line in particular was nurtured by the Hoisters, and after TE 335 a Hoister task force made up of Ian, Nicole, Quinn, June, and Leona undertook the training of ten-year-old Balerat R'Tapitk for the position of Sayyid Schmidt. Balerat was officially adopted by Leona, the reigning Sayyid Schmidt, and on the day of his majority in TE 347 Balerat became Balerat R'Tapitk kwa Sayidi Schmidt, and his family the Idara Schmidt. At the same time, his aunt Jeratth R'Tapitk took over as Chair of the Schmidt Foundation.

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