The Virgo Cultures

Based in the Virgo Cluster, a supercluster of galaxies surrounding M87, 70 million lightyears from the Milky Way. The Virgans had a high and mighty culture, in many ways superior to culture in the Milky Way. About 22 million BCE, Garadhros met the expanding Virgo Cultures. A great war ensued, a war which resulted in the detonation of M-87's Core. Garadhros, however, was conquered and the Gergathan shut down. The Virgo warrior Jel Haran fought, and was seriously damaged, in this final war.

About 19 million BCE, Diebethar attacked and, ultimately, defeated the Virgo Cultures.

In 23,524 H.E, a Second Terran Empire vessel (the Virgo Mariner), carried a Scattered Worlds crew, under the command of Mal Arin, on a voyage of exploration to the Virgo Cluster.


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