The Golden Throne


ight falls
Darkness comes
Take the Throne and run
Queens die
Beat drums
Take the Throne and run.


ly, Rider,
Swift fly
Till the deed be done
Devil here
Quickly hie
Till the deed be done.


ind a place
Planet near
Let the seed be sown
Nesting space
Resting here
Let the seed be sown.


vil trails
Rider, race,
Fly away alone
With you ride
Freedom's grace
Fly away alone.


hrone restored
Freedom's pride
Honor Riders all
Fateful flight
'cross spaces wide
Honor Riders all.


The events of this peom take place in the last days of the Avethellan Empire. Legend has it that Dareenten took the Golden Throne late in the rule of Mooredann, perhaps as late as the Gergathan's crippling attack on the Empire. It is certain that the events of this poem take place after Dareenten spirited Toolea, Heir of Aemallana, away to the Secluded Realm. Historically, Toolea was an adult when the Golden Throne was taken.
All evidence indicates that Dareenten was an Iaranor. He is popularly called "The Last Galactic Rider." When Aemallana took control of the Scattered Worlds and neutralized the Gergathan, a new era of peace fell on the Galaxy. Commerce was easy, and there was much interaction between Avethell and the older societies of the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds. The Galactic Riders found themselves with little to do. As Riders died or retired to their own worlds, they were not replaced. The Council of the Free Peoples stopped encouraging new Riders. Eventually, over the 70,000 year span of Avethellan history, Dareenten was left as the only member of the Galactic Riders. Although (as legend has it) he longed to reitre to Ismallia to live out the rest of his life, Aemallana encouraged him to remain. Outside the Court, "The Last Galactic Rider" became a figure of humor, and even an object of scorn.
Queens die:
The death of Aemallana, followed quickly by the execution of Takhmis, signalled the approaching end of the Avethellan Empire.
Find a place/planet near:
The actual world to which Dareenten fled with the Throne is not known. It was not until nearly two hundred years later that Dareenten arrived on Nephestal with Toolea, the Throne, and a few retired Galactic Riders.
Many worlds claim to be the stopping point, but perhaps the most persuasive claim is Kree, later capital of the Empire of the Miethara.
Honor Riders all:
With Dareenten's fateful flight, the prestige of the Galactic Riders rose again, and within a generation the Council of the Free Peoples was swamped with applicants for membershiop. Never again in history would the reputation of the Galacitc Riders sink so low.
Legend ascribes this poem, and the music that goes along with it, to Toolea. She supposedly penned it in fond memory of her friend, foster parent, and hero Dareenten.

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