Hemmin Daaveren Ketahensel

The Book of the Grand Scheme


annotations: traditional and Mal Arin · Kyl Mathis · Wen Taris of Nephestal
editor: Maarten Travesh, Galactic Rider · Nephestal, Terra, Ptyra





Argument and Invocation:

For you I write (oh let my pen not fail)
A song of stars, and those who 'tween them sail;
Of creatures brave, and braver deeds to do
My dearest one, I scribe these tales for you.
My work is vast, my mind and heart would quail
And Muses three must aid me with this tale:
For stars and worlds Urania I call;
Euterpe bless my stellar singers all;
But more than these and most out of the three,
I wait upon your aid, Calliope.
Galactic fate must be decided, hence
'Tis time this Grand Scheme epic should commence.


  I. The Hemminale
  II.  The Ruin of the Sky
  III.  The Maak'datq Song Cycle
(The Migration of the Daamin)
  IV.  A Daamin Song
  V.  The Tale of Yx and Ellan
  VI.  The Empire of the Iaranor
  VII. The Lay of Istel
  VIII.  The Story of Unde Nes
  IX.  The Legend of Mooredann
  X.  The Golden Throne
  XI.  Of Arivaan and Kohlenebia
  XII.  A Kreen Song
  XIII.  Of Kree and Avethell
  XIV.  Song of the Last Iaranori
  XV.  The Story of Cambolinee
  XVI.  A Troubadour's Song
  XVII.  A Tr#skan Tale


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