Song of the Last Iaranori


pace is wide
And long have I ridden
The paths of the Scattered Worlds
Have seen with pride
Sights long forbidden
The Golden Throne and more.


have trod
The soil of Kree
And sacred Avethell
Felt the sod
Of Kao Li
And seen the stars from Dorasc.


ut now I feel
Deep in my joints
A longing for my home
My ship's keel
Soon will point
To fair Ismallia.


have found
No world as fair
As that which birthed my race
Homeward bound
Give up all care
So I long to be.


am old
And I have fought
The fight to save our worlds
Have been bold
And e'er my thought
Dwells on Ismallia.


soon will go
To that bless'd land
There to age and die
At last to know
The ocean's sand
And Ismall's azure sky.

Of Kree and Avethell

Hemmin Daaveren Ketahensel
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