A Troubadour's Song

(counterpoint: Timash's Song)


n the silence of a morning
Through the quiet dawn-streaked sky
I can hear my lover singing
I can see her fiery eyes
I know that she doth call me on
To seek where'er she be
I'll know her when I find her
For she sings her songs to me.


ome singing
Come sighing
Come find me
My love.
Come crying
Come moving
The bright stars


ast the blessed gates of heaven
Through the seething fires of hell
Although I seek my lover
Her music hides her well
But I shall fin'lly find her
Her secrets I will know
When my lover sings her lovesong
What choice have I but go?


e y' soldier
Or starman
Or king of
The sky
Y' never
Will find me
As hard as
Y' try.

The Story of Cambolinee

Hemmin Daaveren Ketahensel
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 A Tr#skan Tale

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