Meerkat Six


Greetings! Thomas here. Meerkat Six is a 1982 Diesel-powered Volkswagen Jetta. In April 2002, I painted a big gold Rebel insignia on the hood. In September 2006, I decided to give the whole car a Star Wars makeover.



Rather than try to suggest the look of any particular Star Wars spacecraft, I took inspiration from several, primarily the Episode III Jedi Starfighter, the X-Wing Fighter, and the Rebel Blockade Runner. Later, I realized that I'd chosen the Snowspeeder's color scheme.

Painting was done using masking tape, junk mail, and the least expensive aerosol cans of spray paint available.



The astromech droid was made from an old lampshade that had been in the "droid parts" box for twenty-odd years, and an online contest of sorts was held to name him. Meerkat Meade's own Don Sakers came up with the winning suggestion, J3-T74. Here's J3 in daylight:

Here are a few more pictures:

I used two different fonts for the lettering, "Engli-Besh" by Erikstormtrooper, and "Imperial Code" by Dan Zadorozny at Iconian Fonts.

I am by no means the first person to decorate a car in Star Wars fashion. Many more, and better, can be found at Road Squadron.


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