The Star Toys Museum simply would not exist without the generous gifts of those listed on this page. The Board of Directors sincerely thanks each and every one of these selfless people for their support.


(Donors have contributed items to the Museum's collection.)

  • Amanda Allen
  • Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
  • Gertrude Atkinson
  • Thomas Atkinson
  • Dawn Barbe
  • Greg Barbe
  • Lisa A. Barnett & Melissa Scott
  • Carol Bartlett
  • Andrew Bergstrom
  • Will Brehm
  • Grace Brewster
  • Marvin Bryant
  • Betsy (Anthony) Childs
  • Nancy Choice
  • Dan Corcoran
  • Brian & Shirley Dean
  • Betsy & Dan Delaney
  • Ricky Dick
  • Kim Dickson
  • Marty & Bobby Gear
  • Giant Food, Inc. of Severna Park
  • Jim Grey
  • Pat Hammer
  • Mike Hetzler
  • Jeannette Holloman & Ron Robinson
  • Sylvia Jacobs
  • Matthew Jacobs
  • Pat's Hallmark of Severna Park
  • Dodie Robinson
  • Don Sakers
  • Gloria Schrage
  • Inge Simms
  • Karen Stein & Robin
  • June Swords
  • Martin Thurn
  • April Tull
  • Doug Warden
  • Kristopher Michael Woerner
  • Cindy Woods


(Supporters have donated some cash to the Museum.)


(Contributors have donated more cash to the Museum.)


(Patrons have donated large amounts of cash to the Museum.)


(Benefactors have donated extensive amounts of cash to the Museum.)


(Associates have donated great heaps of cash to the Museum.)

Apologies if your name belongs on this list and we have forgotten you. Please contact us and we will immediately rectify our error.

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