Fanzine Archive

An appeal to fanzine publishers:

The Star Toys Museum seeks donations of Star Wars fanzines for our archives

Let us preserve your work for all to see.

The Star Toys Museum, Inc. is a publicly-supported, non-profit corporation devoted to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting toys and other material relating to Star Wars and other science fiction cinema and literature.

Fanzines, due to limited circulation and the vicissitudes of life, are among the most ephemeral of items. Already, many original Star Wars fanzines are lost, or the only copies in the hands of private collectors, or otherwise unavailable to the general public. By establishing an archive of Star Wars fanzines, we hope to preserve as much as we can for the fans and scholars of the future.

All zines, old and new, are needed. If you can't send originals, good photocopies are the next best thing. If you are currently publishing a zine, we would appreciate receiving a copy of each new issue.

The Museum will preserve all zines in the best archival conditions possible. We will make our archive available to Museum visitors, but of course visitors will not be permitted to make copies in violation of copyright laws.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Thank you!

Current Holdings:

All fanzines are available for inspection at the Museum.

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