The Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire

(item 4856)

Thomas and Falcon

Falcon hanging


You may have seen the Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire as a display item in Toys-R-Us stores in conjunction with the 1997 Star Wars Special Edition re-release.

At the end of 1997, 500 Millennium Falcon Extraordinaires were offered as prizes in a national raffle to benefit the For All Kids Foundation.

Thomas, Don, and Renfield submitted over 250 entries on behalf of the Star Toys Museum.

In Feb 1998, we were notified that we had won; Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire #663 was delivered in April 1998. The dish antenna and both top & bottom guns are intact; the AC adapter powers top, bottom, and forward running lights.

  • Length: 6 ft
  • Width: 4 ft 2 in
  • Weight: approximately 70 pounds

The Star Toys Museum is proud to be able to exhibit this rare and extraordinary item.

Power Supply


Frequently we receive questions from folks who have acquired a Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire of their own. Often, the AC adapter is missing. To replace it, find another adapter (Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. are good sources) whose plug fits, and which has the following specs:

  • IN: 120 V AC 60 Hz
  • OUT: 9 V DC 500 mA
  • TIP: Positive

Using another type of adapter may damage your Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire.



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