Pictures from 1996

Here is a familiar figure: A C-3PO cutout that stands just inside the Museum entrance.
Over his shoulder, you may be able to make out a poster with Luke Skywalker on it. This is an unauthorized poster advertising a London dance club, and they were plastered all over the city in August 1995. After Thomas was unable to remove one from a wall, he rang up the owner of the dance club and asked for a copy to be sent to him.
The proud curator with his British version of the Kenner Death Star Playset, which is utterly unlike the one sold in the U.S. This one is constructed of interlocking pieces of heavy cardboard,. In this picture, Thomas was doing his best to look like one of the geeky little kids that appear on Kenner Star Wars toys packages. You may also be able to make out the wing from a Kenner 1996 TIE Fighter which was docked with the Death Star at the time. In the foreground is Galoob's Tatooine Playset with Sarlaac Pit.
This shelf is loaded with stuff. The white ship at top right is Don's Jupiter 2, from Mattel's Lost in Space Switch-and-Go set. On the shelf below are some of the Kenner large action figures, with various Bend-Ems and vinyl figures in front of them. The next shelf down has most of the original Kenner action figures. Various stuffed toys and rolled-up posters fill the bottom shelf.
This is the sight that greets one at the entrance to the Museum. You can make out the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper cutouts, and possibly the C-3PO/R2-D2 Talking Bank. The rest of the picture is filled with Micro-Machines, various Star Trek equipment, and packaging.
Micro-Machines Alley. Just about everything in this picture was made by Galoob, with the exception of the Jupiter Two off in the distance.
Kenner vehicles by the score. Over the next few months, Thomas hopes to get most of these ships hanging from the ceiling, thereby clearing these shelves for things that don't fly.
Mostly Ice Planet of Hoth on these shelves, although you might be able to make out the American Kenner Death Star Playset in upper left. That poster hanging on the wall is a public health service poster with R2-D2 and C-3PO. (Click here for a closer look.)
In front of the R2-D2 and C-3PO corkboards, you will see the bridge of the Enterprise with the poor original crew who can barely hold onto their phasers. In front of them is a complete set (at the time of this picture, anyway) of the 1996 Kenner action figures, watched over by a Scout Walker.

Original photos by Ron Bechtlofft.