Balticon 16

(Don - 18th)(Thomas - 5th)

1982: April 9-11

Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

GOH: Samuel R. Delany
Art GOH: Michael Whelan
Fan GOH: D. Potter

Boskone wasn't the only convention to change hotels in 1982. Balticon left the Hunt Valley Inn and moved downtown to the Hyatt, which would be the main hotel for the 1983 Worldcon. Along with its new quarters, Balticon adopted a more restrictive weapons policy: no weapons could be worn, carried or displayed except a half hour before and after the masquerade.

Along with the film and video programs, Balticon 16 had science, music and fan tracks as well as the regular program. The con attracted a crowd of thousands, and the Hyatt's facilities were stunning.

Don threw a "Gay Fandom" party at the con; six people showed up (along with two mundanes who just wanted to admire the view out the window; they'd dined at the restaurant and had never before seen a hotel room door with a note that said "Come on in.") Among them was young Thomas, at his second Balticon and using the fannish name "Ylan Firesign.".

With Chip Delaney as GOH, there were quite a number of Dahlgren-types running around, clad in leather and chains. Made Don realize how little he wanted to live in that world....

Balticon 16 briefly reinstated the Easter Morning 10:17-1/2 AM Wakeup party -- but the Con Suite was in the Lord Baltimore, a three-block walk away.

Don was particularly impressed with C.J. Cherryh, who not only was an engaging speaker, but who also treated the fans well. After her panels, she continued discussion on a couch in the lobby, apparently unconcerned with time. Would that other pros follow her example.

Thomas had both tan and green flight suits at this Balticon, and he wore both at different times. Will Burnham accompanied him once again, but he thinks that they did stay at the con this time (crowded into one hotel room with "Vince McCarthy and a cast of thousands," which was always a popular sleeping pattern for young, poor fans.)

Thomas believes that this is the Balticon at which he hung around with Mark ("Atom") Baum, admiring Mark's "Greatest American Hero" costume.

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