Unicon 82

(Don - 19th)

1982: July 16-18

Sheraton Inn, Silver Spring, MD

GOH: Hal Clement
Art GOH: Karl Kofoed
Fan GOH: Robert Madle

It may seem strange that in eight years of going to local cons, Don didn't manage to make a Unicon until 1982. He doesn't exactly know why...maybe he just didn't have the money for another weekend con. In any case, he's sorry he waited.

As for why this was 'Unicon 82' and not 'Unicon 7,' well, the committee explained in the program book: "There is an explanation (I hesitate to use the word 'reason') for this. All odd numbered Unicons have lost money, whereas all even numbered Unicons have at least broken even. Thus, we decided to call this convention Unicon 82, so it would be an even number. Next year, of course, will be Unicon 8, followed by Unicon 84, then Unicon 10, and so on. In this way, we will never have another Unicon that will lose money! Isn't that Clever? Isn't that Fannish? Isn't that Ridiculous???"

The Sheraton was a marvelous hotel for a small con; it had adequate function space, a pool, windows that opened for paper airplane battles -- and best of all, it had the Galaxy Room. Ordinarily a mundane bar, during Unicons the Galaxy Room became the bar/commons/music center of the con. There Clam Chowder performed for overflow crowds; there you could stop at any time of the day or night for a drink or a chat. And there was The Ceiling: a massive sculpture of lucite rods and lighting fixtures that resembled a cross between a futuristic city and Carl Sagan's Spaceship of the Imagination. Mary Mand and Don always had a desire to play The Ceiling like a musical instrument....

Unfortunately, Don remembers nothing of the programming at Unicon 82, not even with the pocket program staring him in the face. He thinks he spent most of the con in the Galaxy Room.

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