Unicon 8

(Don - 23rd)

1983: July 15-17

Sheraton Inn, Silver Spring, MD

GOH: Joan D. Vinge
Art GOH: Teanna Lee Byerts
Fan GOH: Michael Walsh
Special Guest: Jim Frenkel

Unicon 8 was Don's first con as an honest-to-Ghu guest...he had a blue con badge, he was involved in programming, and he had a complimentary membership.

It's been Don's experience that Unicon treated their guests better than just about any other con he's been to. Free memberships were never an issue...Unicon granted free memberships to pros and "anyone else (within reason) you might want there to make your con enjoyable."

Don did a reading Friday night and had a panel ("Hard, Soft and Rubber Science Fiction") at 11:00 Saturday morning. In addition to Clam Chowder's two concerts in the Galaxy Room, there was a presentation by Wordstage: a reader's theater group from Arlington, doing an adaptation of War of the Worlds.

Early Saturday morning, while on a quest for something to eat, Don's car died on the Washington Beltway -- the radiator overheated and the car ground to a halt in the midst of a cloud of steam. Don had to call his friends Ann & Mike for a lift back to the hotel...then the next morning, Mary Mand arrived and took him to a gas station which sent out a truck. Sunday afternoon he had to baby the car home, with jugs of water sitting in the back seat as insurance.

All told, however, Unicon 8 was a great beginning to Don's career as a con guest.

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