Boskone 20

(Don - 21st)

1983: February 18-20

Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA

GOH: Mack Reynolds
Art GOH: Wendy Pini

Attendance: 2420

Mack Reynolds, Boskone's GOH, died on January 30, just three weeks before the con. As if that wasn't enough, Boskone 20 was a fairly troubled Boskone.

In an effort to discourage unwanted attendees, Boskone announced that their film program would feature no films made after 1976; they also took a firm stand against comics, and tried to discourage hall costumes except at a rather unsuccessful Friday-night party. The weapons policy opened with a lengthy quote from Massachusetts State laws on firearms, and forbade just about anything that resembled a weapon. Con security was tightened, and badges were vigorously checked 24 hours a day.

Despite these unhappy measures, the Cedar Grove movement managed to have fun at Boskone 20.

Once again, Lisa and Melissa and Don roomed together. Lisa and Don were completely enchanted with the short film "Fish Heads"; Melissa was (somehow) somewhat less than enchanted.

Still, it was increasingly obvious that the Park Plaza, being too near public transport and a rough area of town, attracted a crowd that was not good for Boskone. There was more vandalism at this con than Don had ever witnessed before, and thighter security didn't seem to help. In retrospect, it is easy to see that the troubles that had begun at Boskone 19 were now in full swing; the effect upon Boskone...and upon fandom in general...would be alarming.

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