Unicon 84

(Don - 29th)(Thomas - 13th)

1984: July 20-22

Sheraton Inn, Silver Spring, MD

GOH: Gene Wolfe
Fan GOH: Peggy Rae Pavlat
Art GOH: Dawn Wilson

At Unicon 84, Don was in his element.

Panels at Unicon had been improving for a while, and this year the quality was high. Don was on the Alternate History panel ("Where Were You in 1492?") and something called "Bad Science Fiction Ideas that Worked."

Thomas again wore his stormtrooper armor in the masquerade, and was rather miffed that it didn't get an award. Upon later reflection, Thomas learned the lesson that masquerade judging is random and capricious, and that it was not healthy to go into a masquerade expecting to win something. From then on, he entered masquerades in order to show off his costumes and please the audience; if he got any sort of award, he considered that as the fluke that it was.

Would that others in costuming (many with more experience than Thomas) would learn that lesson!

Clam Chowder's second album was on sale at Unicon 84, and their concert in the Galaxy Room was one of the high points of the convention.

This was the Shore Leave at which Thomas, Don, and Reed spent quite a bit of time in the hilarious company of two lads named Flip and Driggs.

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