Shore Leave 6

(Don - 28th)(Thomas - 12th)

1984: July 13-15 (?)

Hunt Valley Inn, Timonium, MD

Thomas brought his 16-year-old nephew Reed to Shore Leave. Reed was visiting from Texas; the next week, Thomas and Reed drove back to Houston and Thomas stayed with his family for a few months.

Don attended Shore Leave VI in the company of Thomas and a group of his friends -- about eight of them shared a room in the Hunt Valley Inn. It was a very confused convention for Don, and the high (?) point came when some of the friends returned to find him and Thomas necking. The friends couldn't handle this, nor could they handle Don's contention that the proper adult response was to say "Excuse me," walk out and close the door. Don wound up going home, then several of them came down to get him . . . and one sleepless night later, the matter was all settled.

Needless to say, Don doesn't remember much of Shore Leave VI . . . except that he seems to recall a rather hilarious "Star Trek Revival Meeting" on Sunday afternoon.

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