CostumeCon 3

(Don - 35th)(Thomas - 19th)

1985: 24-27 May

Columbia Inn, Columbia, MD

The Columbia Inn is one of those hotels -- like the Hunt Valley Inn, the Atlanta Marriott, and the Chicago Hyatt -- which seem made for cons. From the ten-story atrium (with its penthouse con suite) to the superb function space to the photo opportunites at Lake Kittamaqundi, it is an ideal place for a small convention. And CostumeCon 3 was an ideal small con.

Don had no professional responsibilities at this con . . . although he visited the bar just to keep up appearances. For CostumeCons are devoted solely to costuming; Don's major function (and one which he practiced a lot) involved standing around going "Ooohh, PRETTY!"

With three major masquerades and a fashion show, it may not have seemed like a relaxacon to the the costumers -- but to Don it was a welcome idyll.

Thomas participated in the Future Fashion Show at CostumeCon 3. Some months before the con, costumers submitted designs for future costumes. Others committed to construct and wear the costumes so designed, and the finished products were shown off in the Future Fashion Show. Thomas made Winged Victory from a design by Jennifer Tifft.

Thomas constructed "Winged Victory" (right) from a design by Jennifer Tifft (left).