Unicon 10

(Don - 36th)(Thomas - 21st)

1985: 19-21 July

Sheraton Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD

GOH: Michael Shea
Artist GOH: Val Lakey Lindahn
Fan GOH: Art Saha

Unicon 10 began for Don with a reading on Friday at 7:30 pm. Ordinarily Don hates to do readings: the audience is usually only a couple of people, and he always feels silly. This time was an exception: there was a comfortable crowd which included a couple of blind fans, and they were very appreciative.

Don's other panels were all on Saturday: Reviewing at 11:00 am, "Extrapolating the Present" at 2:00 pm and "How to Write Good" at midnight(!). Nevertheless, he survived.

Thomas and Don spent much of the rest of the con in the Galaxy Room listening to Clam Chowder. We believe this is the year when Clam fans, during the song "Lincoln Park Pirates," walked across the front of the room carrying the front fender of a car. It's the closest we've ever seen the Clams come to stark, existential terror.

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