Costume Con 5

(Don - 47th)(Thomas - 34th)

1987: 22-25 May

Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ

Amanda, Thomas and Don arrived in New Brunswick and promptly ran into Lisa and Melissa, who were disappointed to see no drinking, whoring, or nude bathing in the Raritan river.

Costume Cons are always fun because for Don they are relaxacons -- he doesn't have to be on any panels, he doesn't have to do any damn thing he doesn't want to. So Don enjoyed this CC but doesn't have much to report.

We believe this was the Costume Con which shared Saturday-night space with a mundane wedding reception. A few of the costumers snuck into the reception, but on the whole they were fairly well-behaved. It is not recorded if any of the wedding guests snuck into con events.